14 Galaxy-Inspired Tattoos That Are Out of This World

We are sort of crushing hard on all things tattoo-related lately. From tiny designs to friendship tats and some gorg geometric ink, we are getting totally ink-spired! The latest inkspiration? Galaxy tats. That’s right, all things outer space-ish, planetary and stellar are catching our eyes these days. The tattoos below are out-of-this-world incredible with their planetary designs, watercolor and rad nebula hues. And if you are looking for some minimalist, moon-inspired tats, we’ve got you covered there too. Scroll on down for this all-star lineup.

1. Starry Unicorns: Unicorns in space? Yes, please. (via Andres Guevara)

2. Deep Purple Galaxy ($3): For all you commitment-phobes, this temporary tattoo is the perfect mix of geometric and galactic.

3. Crescent Moon: Tiny crescent moon and galaxy print? Our tiny tattoo-lovin’ hearts are aflutter. (via @saulcruzjr)

4. Galaxy in a Box: We wouldn’t expect anything less than an upbeat statement from Miley Cyrus’s favorite tattoo artist, the very talented Lauren Winzer. While we love the blue-purpleish colors, we think any color scheme would look fab. (via @laurenwinzer)

5. Sun + Moon: Sometimes a simple sun and moon are all you need to keep yourself balanced. We also think this would make a great friendship tat. (via @littletattoolove)

6. Saturn: Show your love for the cosmos by getting your fave planet inked in a bold B+W hue. (via Mico Goldobin)

7. Watercolor Nebule: This watercolor nebulae is like something out of a sci-fi flick. We heart it so much, we want it on our walls too. (via Jf Biron)

8. Saturn Galaxy: We could get lost in space staring at this stellar masterpiece. (via @sivak_)

9. Planets and Stars: Tattoo artist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec has some of the coolest geometric-inspired tattoos out there. This triangular beauty is one we wouldn’t mind looking at every day. (via Marcin Aleksander Surowiec)

10. Tiny Constellation: For a more minimalist constellation tattoo, opt for small dots and tiny stars. This would also look great on the nape of the neck or your forearm. (via Miso Stanislava Pinchuk)

11. Moon Phases: Lunar lovers, this one’s for you! With three moon phases and whole lot of cool shading, this tat is totally out of this world. (via Robmy Dobrze)

12. Triangular Space: We love triangles and stars, so this tat is definitely on the top of our list. (via @katietattoos)

13. Full Moon Cycle: Not sure which cycle the moon is in? Keep this handy-dandy guide on your forearm to always be in the know. (via @nandotattooer)

14. Geometric Galaxy: Here’s another one by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec. Isn’t everything about this tat awesome? From its bright colors to those geometric shapes, this ink is a modern space-lover’s dream. (via Marcin Aleksander Surowiec)

Are you seeing stars or what? Any of these galaxy tattoos getting you inkspired? Let’s talk all thing galactic in the comments below!