Most of us will never get the chance to venture out into space and, let’s face it, after seeing Gravity, we’re not really sure if we’d ever want to. But the one thing you can’t deny is how beautiful space is. We’re mesmerized every single time we enter a planetarium, and we decided that we love these 20 galaxy-print pieces of clothing just as much as we love gazing up at the night sky. Whether you’re buying or DIYing, this solar-system-inspired print will soon become one of your favorites.

1. The Way I Galaxy It Dress ($85): Of course, we’re going to start out with a cute little dress. It’s like what a young, hip and trendy Ms. Frizzle would wear!

2. ASOS Woven Sweatshirt with Universe Print ($113): Oh no, we aren’t stopping at the galaxy. Not at all. We’ve got the entire universe for you on this beauty.

3. Style Stalker Space Jam Dress ($83): We’re not sure if the name of this dress is referring to the same Space Jam we know and love. But we’d love this dress about a million times more than we already do if it is.

4. Galaxy Printed Crop Top: Our first DIY! Hooray! This may be a crop top, but you can totally use leggings, a normal top, a scrunchie, you name it! (via Boat People Boutique)

5. ASOS Watch With Galaxy Print ($23): Encourage your guy to get on trend with this fantastic watch. Or just buy it for yourself. That works too.

6. Anthropologie Galaxy Inlay Booties ($168): Trust Anthropologie to make a galaxy print that also works with spring’s permanent light color trend. This must be what space looks like from a telescope on Candy Land.

7. Tripp NYC Far Beyond Skinny Jeans ($108): You can now look like the coolest chick around with these rad skinnies. You’re so welcome.

8. DIY Galaxy Inspired Scarf: We have two favorite things about this scarf. First, it surprisingly goes with everything. Yes! Second, it’s made from jersey knit fabric, so you don’t even need to sew the edges. Thank goodness for that! (via Brit + Co.)

9. Keds Space Out Sneakers ($60): While a black galaxy print may be a tad more realistic, we’re falling for theses beautiful blue Keds. Seriously, we want all space movies to take place in a purple, blue and green galaxy.

10. ASOS Pencil Skirt in Graphic Galaxy ($22): A skirt this amazing can only be described as hawt… yes, with that spelling. Oh, and check out these other awesome midi-length clothes while you’re at it!

11. Tie Die Galaxy Shoes: Remember how much we loved those colored Keds? It’s time for you to make your own brightly colored pair. (via Swell Mayde)

12. ASOS Galaxy Shades ($20): Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? Oh no. Lucy’s floatin’ out there in the galaxy with these decorated John-Lennon-esque sunnies.

13. Your Eyes Lie Cosmic Print Cropped Tee ($38): If you’re a little hesitant about jumping on the galaxy print bandwagon, take a baby step with this triangle shirt. It’s like a paint swatch for your wardrobe.

14. DIY Galaxy Heels: You can galaxy up your heels too. Sa-weet! (via Studs and Pearls)

15. Petite and Co Nebula Studs ($14): This has got to be the most mesmerizing pair of earrings I’ve ever seen. And… yup. It’s been added to my cart.

16. ASOS Skater Skirt in Galaxy Print ($9): You don’t have to be Kristi Yamaguchi (throwback!) to rock this skater skirt. You’ll look fabulous no matter what.

17. ASOS Wasp Pencil Skirt ($16): Whoa! Now that’s one amazing pencil skirt.

18. Stringy T-Shirt Scarf: Can you ever have enough scarves though? Really? Try this stringy T-shirt scarf too. (via This Fashion Is Mine)

19. DIY Galaxy Necklace: DIY jewelry is one of our most favorite things in the whole wide world… scratch that, in the entire galaxy. We dare you to make this cute necklace with a guitar pick. (via Oh the Lovely Things)

20. Bat for Lashes Skinny Bangles ($30): Last but certainly not least, this lovely trio of skinny bangles. Don’t you just want to put ’em on right now?

Which galaxy printed masterpiece do you think is out of this world? Tell us all about it in the comments below!