If it isn’t obvious by now, we are kinda crushin’ on pretty tats of all styles. From friendship tats to tiny ink, and even those must-follow artists on Instagram, we’re loving all things ink-related. What’s next? Our fave tattoo trend yet: geometric shapes and patterns. Take a look at these bold ‘n’ beautiful pieces of body art to see how geometry has made its way out of high school textbooks and onto everyone’s skin.


1. Beehive Pattern: The colors behind this trippy beehive-esque piece are trance inducing. Simple repetition and a limited color scheme really knock this one out of the park. (via ArtNau)


2. Geometric Watercolor Pineapple: This year it seems like pineapples are a ubiquitous trend, popping up here, there and everywhere. Use shapes like arcs and quatrefoils with clean lines and repetitive shapes to ink an homage to this fave fruit. (via @reillyinks)


3. Mountains: Parallel lines meet a parallel universe in this tattoo commemorating two different mountains. The sketch-like quality of this piece makes it all the more interesting to gaze at. (via @lisaorth)


4. Galaxy Heart: This little diamond heart tattoo is such a gem, and with the galaxy print it’s got going on, we can’t help but swoon. (via @taniacatclaw)


5. Actual Geometry: Who knew those high school worksheets could be so beautiful? These simple shapes pack a punch when stacked (and inked). (via Tattoologist)

concentric circles

6. Concentric Circles: The circles here look like one of DaVinci’s preliminary blueprints. The big bold arcs combined with lines is a juxtaposition that makes for a permanent conversation piece. (via @drwoo_ssc)


7. Geometric Fox: First off, a fox with cat eye glasses? We can’t even. Also, the fact that this fox is made of crisp triangles without an outline is seriously impressive. No wonder the recipient is smiling big! (via @sashaunisex)


8. Tangrams: Remember tangrams from elementary school? This one nails the patterns we recall putting together to create new shapes, and we LOVE it. (via ArtNau)

Talk Left Handed

9. Angular Mandala: Mandalas are typically rounded, but this tattoo of layered triangles gives off the same vibes. With so many shapes to reflect into, this is probably just as good at calming as the typical version. (via Tattoologist)

triangle abstract

10. Abstract Watercolor Triangle: This colorful triangle is so dreamy. And that smokey watercolor effect at the top is seriously magical. (via @newtattoo)

paper crane

11. Paper Crane: This sweet paper crane surrounded by simple flowers make for a very delicate tattoo. The mix of organic subject matter with something as rigid as origami provide nice contrast for a piece that would seem at home nearly any place on the body. (via @seoeontattoo)


12. Polygonal Marilyn Monroe: If you’re willing to give your artist some creative liberty, consider getting something like this geometric Marilyn Monroe. A tattoo like this is definitely not one you’ll regret in 20 years. (via Diana Katsko)


13. Crystals: Geometry doesn’t have to be synonymous with rigidity. Case in point? This tattoo of crystals of varying lengths, which needed to have its beauty contained. Thank goodness for the circle encasing it ;) (via @auchindoun)


Bonus: Geometric Fox Temporary Tattoo: Not ready to take the plunge just yet? Fake it ’til you make it with this sweet temporary option. (via Etsy)

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