13 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks

diy organization

How's that spring cleaning going? Avoiding it in favor of an at-home brunch? Sounds familiar. But here's the thing: You might already have the things you need to start getting organized. Here are 13 brilliant ways to repurpose, sort, store, and tidy, all in the name of organization.

The Ultimate DIY Accessory Organizer

If all your jewelry won't fit on this huge organizer, you might have a hoarding problem. (Guilty!) (via Brit + Co.)

DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

Let's not forget mental organization — it's just as important as home organization. (via Damask Love)

DIY Wooden Bungee Organizer

Why settle for a boring shelf when you can easily make these? (via Brit + Co.)

Painted Laundry Basket

We're not sure if all the wash would actually get put away if we had one of these, but we'd still like to try it out and see if it solves our laundry pile issues. (via Brit + Co)

Dreamcatcher Earring Caddy

Give your earrings good vibes and keep them easily within view. (via Brit + Co.)

Notebook Organizer with Envelopes

This is genius! We're always tucking notes and receipts and business cards and who knows what into our notebooks, and now there is a great way to keep it all in there. (via Simple As That)

Repurpose Easter Eggs as Snack Containers

Does anyone else have a ton of plastic eggs lying around post-Easter? Now we for sure won't be throwing ours out. Yay for upcycling! (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Storage Basket Centerpiece

: It's amazing what you can do with some crates and paint. (via Brit + Co)

Rainbow Hook Organizer Rack

This ivory rainbow organizer is a total DIY masterpiece. Consider hanging it by the front door for keys. (via A Bubbly Life)

Wall Jewelry Organizer

We love the look of this for earrings and necklaces, and we could slide a few love notes in the picture frame front. (via House Full of Handmade)

DIY Accessory Organizer

Admire your accessories with this simple shelf organizer, which is a total upgrade for any entryway. (via Brit + Co)

Ladder Shelf

Add some storage to that neglected corner. (via Brit + Co)

Modular Crate Bookcase

What a cute way to turn old crates into a colorful storage unit! (via Brit + Co)

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Bold, monochromatic rooms are trending this year and odds are, if you scroll social media as much as I do, you’ve seen home transformations where paint is the main event. I’m talking paint on the walls, paint on the ceiling, the trim, the doors — everywhere.

The result is a luxurious, high-end feel that punches a pack to the senses in the best possible way. But how can you get the same luxe effect in your everyday DIY projects? Let me show you.

Inspiration & Influence 😍

Julia Marcum from @chrislovesjulia does this so well. In fact, her primary bedroom makeover was the original inspiration for our guest bathroom DIY project. Seeing her do such a moody color in a lower-light room gave me hope for my windowless, tiny guest bathroom. But I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as slapping on some paint. To make this work, I’d have to break all the design rules I had ingrained into my brain.


WALLPAPERING THE CEILING stay tuned friends #bathroomdecor #guestbathmakeover #smallbathroomdesign #wallpaperceiling #ceilingwallpaper

I found the most perfect wallpaper, which featured a mystifying burgundy, outlined with bees and mushrooms throughout. This color was exactly what I was looking for, however, the folks on TikTok were not impressed.

I was talked out of this stunningly dark, chocolatey-red color and opted for a faded version of the shame shade. As I painted it on, I hated it. My vision for the space was much more elevated and moody — almost like a sexy boutique hotel bathroom, full of so much personality, you forget how small the space actually is…

Image via Mackenzie Edwards

This faded shade was giving preschool bathroom.

So against the better judgment of the very qualified viewers of TikTok ;), I painted over it with Benjamin Moore’s Townsend Harbor Brown.


Replying to @dwrldgster but I like it 👏🏼 #unpopularopinioncheck #uniquebathroom #brownbathroom #bathroompaint

I affectionately call it “red velvet cake” because it’s rich and delicious. In some light, it’s a brown but with remarkable depth, and in other light, it’s a bold red lipstick shade worn by your favorite Hollywood icon.

The followers were too stunned to speak. Everyone flooded my comments section with overwhelming love and adoration for a 5-by-7 room decked out with mushrooms and golden accents.


Mackenzie & Chance | DIY & Budget Home on Instagram: "I’m sure you’ve heard that dark colors make a space feel small… Which is why so many of you were *not* team brown to begin with and I get it! It makes sense that lighter brighter rooms would feel bigger… but there’s a few caveats to that and a few tips for making ✨bold and moody✨ work without shrinking your space: 🎨1. Paint the right surfaces 🎨 The bathroom could handle this bold color because one of the walls is just the bright white shower — so it breaks up the color. The wallpaper is also a lighter color with visual interest that immediately draws your eye up. In this sense, the dark colors lead you naturally to the ceiling, which makes this space feel taller! 🤎2. Monochromatic life is the life for me 🤎 Many of you worried that painting the vanity the same color as the wall would make it disappear… and you were right. Painting the larger pieces in a space to match the walls camouflages them, tricking your mind into thinking the room is bigger than it really is. Your eye doesn’t see a vanity and a wall, it sees the design as a whole! 🪞3. Reflect light however you can 🪞 Another concern with this color in this room was the fact that there are no windows aka no natural light. That’s why I LOVED this @framemymirror. It’s MASSIVE and reflects light from the hallway, the white shower, and the additional lights we added! Rules are made to be broken — especially in design!! Were you shocked that this room doesn’t feel like a cave? 😂"

Still Nervous To Double Down On Dark Paint? 🫣

I totally understand the hesitation to go for such a bold color. We were always taught that dark colors make spaces feel small. And while that may be the rule, there’s always an exception. Typically, when someone wants a space to feel bigger and more open, they’ll opt for a bright white or something that easily bounces light around the room. The combination of a clean palette and a mirror-like reflection of light can definitely make a small, dark space feel completely different. But it’s not the only way. Here’s what I would (and did) do.

Paint The *Right* Surfaces 🎨

Image via Mackenzie Edwards

The bathroom could handle this bold color because one of the walls is just a bright white shower, giving some necessary balance to the space. When looking in the paint can, this color seems like a black hole, sucking in all of the light. In reality, HALF of this room is a shiny, reflective white tile. Instead of painting the ceiling (which I almost did), I decided to add the patterned wallpaper. It has a lighter color background with loads of visual interest, which immediately draws your eye up. In this example, the dark colors lead you naturally to the ceiling, making this space feel much taller!

Make It Monochromatic 🖤

Image via Mackenzie Edwards

The viral monochromatic look can be tricky. Most people worry that painting everything the same color will just wash everything out. In this example, painting the vanity the same color as the wall did make it disappear…like magic.

Painting larger pieces in a space to match the walls camouflages them, tricking your mind into thinking the room is bigger than it really is. Your eye doesn’t see a vanity and a wall — it sees the design as a whole! Mission accomplished.

We also added a box trim detail on the walls, painting them the same color. This creates depth without feeling overwhelming.

Reflect Light However You Can 💡

Image via Mackenzie Edwards

This room felt dark when it was a lighter color… so I was worried. The fact that it doesn’t have any windows means that we’re reliant on overhead lighting, which usually isn’t the best. That’s why I opted for the largest mirror I could fit in here. It’s MASSIVE and reflects light from the hallway, the white shower, and the additional lights we added over the sink. Who needs a window?

The Finished Product ✨

Image via Mackenzie Edwards

I’d be lying if I said everyone on the internet loved my bathroom because they certainly didn’t, but it is my favorite room in our house. It’s full of personality and feels majorly high-end. I feel like I’ve stepped into a ruby every time I visit the bathroom.

Design rules are meant to be broken. As a self-proclaimed maximalist, it’s never about whittling down my style. It’s about making it well-rounded, multi-dimensional. These few tricks can help you jump on that design trend you’ve been eyeing without a major “this is what I wanted… and this is what I got” moment. Happy painting!

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Header image via Mackenzie Edwards

Easter is an egg-citing time to show some love to those who make you the hoppiest. Obviously, the best way to do that iswith a stellar Easter basket, packed full of sweet treats and festive goodies. Gift one to your kiddo, your bestie, your SO, and even drop one off on your parent's porch. We've got the hottest lineup of Easter basket stuffer ideas for *every* bunny on your list.

Snacks, Drinks, and Sweet Treats To Fill Your Easter Baskets

Another egg-cellent part about Easter is all of the fine dining. Between your Easter feasts, you need something to snack on. These are some of the best snacks, drinks, and desserts to fill this year's Easter baskets with – even your own!

Chocolove Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Filled Eggs ($4)

No other chocolate eggs come close to these salted caramel ones from Chocolove. They're constructed of semi-sweet dark chocolate, then stuffed with a caramel filling that delivers on salty flavors to balance everything out. These filled egg treats are the perfect size for snacking throughout the day, plus they'll fill up any empty space in your Easter baskets.

Mr. Carrots Chocolate Bunny ($50)

For a totally unique twist on an Easter chocolate bite, go for this adorable geometrical bunny made from licorice chocolate. Mr. Carrots was designed in Iceland with the finest quality ingredients in mind, so your holiday will be nothing short of sweet!

MadeGood Chocolate Dipped Mini Granola Bars ($7)

You're going to want to inhale these tiny treats. Not only are they fittingly celebratory, boasting a pastel color palette, they also taste amazing all the way through. These bites are organic, nut free, and only 50 cals per bar. Your Easter sweets don't have to be bad for you!

Grillo's Dill Pickle Spears ($7)

These pickles may seem out of place for Easter gifting, but trust us, they're a great option for someone who's a big dill. See what we did there? Any pickle fiend in your life will appreciate these fresh and flavorful spears in their basket.

Olipop Orange Squeeze ($3)

Citrus flavors thrive in the spring, so that's why we're passing along this refreshing Olipop flavor for Eastertime. This tasty sparkling soda supports digestive health with prebiotics and fiber, plus the cute can design is an instant attention-grabber! The drink comes in an array of flavors, so shop the ones you think your recipients will love the most.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs ($4)

Of course, you have to work in some classic candies in your Easter baskets. The Cadbury eggs are never skipped over for our Easter celebrations, because they're so satisfyingly crunchy and chocolatey.

Fabrizia Golden Egg Easter Box ($46)

Again, citrus shines in this box of Easter desserts made with limoncello infusions. Each gift box yields 5 limoncello cookies, one limoncello loaf, 25 Sicilian lemon drops, and 5 Easter-themed truffles, so your recipients have a variety of zesty sweets to snack on!

Chocolove Easter Truffle Assortment ($20)

Show somebunny you love 'em with this decadent Easter truffle box. They'll relish in the five distinctive flavors: Coconut Ganache in White Chocolate, Lemon Ganache & Orange Gelee in Ruby Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Marshmallow in Milk Chocolate, Lychee, Apricot & Passion Fruit Gelees in Ruby Chocolate, and Caramel Ganache in Dark Chocolate.

Peeps Bunny Pancake Skillet ($11)

Consider Easter brunch sorted, once this bunny skillet is in the mix. This gift comes with just about everything you need to prep Peeps-shaped pancakes during the spring season. Gift it to the kids to put them in charge of the post-Easter morning meals!

Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs ($8)

If you're not aiming for a fancy take on Easter sweets, these eggs are made of just milk chocolate. Sometimes simpler is better – especially when these bites are full of top ingredients.

Fancy Sprinkles Speckled Egg Sprinkles ($11)

This sprinkle pack is Easter in a jar. Decorate your Easter cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more with this adorable multicolor mix of bunny heads, Easter eggs, pearls, stars, jimmies, and nonpareils!

Jelly Belly Tangerine Baby Carrot Jelly Beans ($5)

We can't forget about carrots for Eastertime – but not the real ones, obviously. It's time to chow down on the sugar! This tangerine-flavored pack from Jelly Belly is the ultimate Easter snack.

Easter Goodies To Gift Everybunny

Now that you've got candy covered, fill your Easter baskets with fun goodies like candles, stuffed animals, and festive socks! These fun gifts round out your baskets even more, so you can show the people in your life some Easter love.

Pastel Easter Egg Candle ($15)

These metallic egg-shaped candles are quite possibly the most gorgeous way to give the gift of decor-boosting Easter pastels. They're so cute, your giftee may not want to bring a match to them!

Easter Bunny Rabbit Face and Tail Ceramic Mug ($23)

Everyone needs a good mug to bring a little cheer to their desk or bedside table! We’re smitten with the bushy-tailed back, and are pretty sure your Easter basket recipients will be, too.

GUND Sustainably Soft Friends Roise Bunny ($25)

This bunny is constructed from 100% recycled materials, but is still extra soft to the touch. Your plush-obsessed kiddo will adore Roise Bunny because of her feel and calming color.

HOTSOX Women's Fuzzy Bunny Crew Sock ($9)

The Easter spirit has never been more alive. Slip into these striped bunny socks and get ready to rock this springtime holiday!

The Letter Vee Easter Printable Bundle ($9)

Use 32 pages of printable banners, tags, coloring pages, and more to add some flair to your Easter baskets! The cohesive color palette and bold designs will make each gift stand out with welcoming Easter messages.

World Market Mushroom Lidded Ceramic Mug ($9)

For an egg-citing addition to this year's baskets, fill this lidded mug with small candies and gift cards! The mushroom shape warms our hearts no matter what season it is, so this gift can easily be utilized past Eastertime for yummy drinks and desk storage.

GUND Pusheen Chocolate Easter Bunny Plush ($29)

Transform a regular old chocolate bunny gift into a lovable plush that your kids or partner can snuggle up with! This Pusheen pick is a different kind of soft (in a good way), and honestly, we could hug on him all day.​

Pattern Standard Straws ($12)

These reusable straws stand up to any drink – hot or cold. Looking to give a sustainable gift? Reach for this rainbow color way that can be used basically every day, for every sip. The pack comes with a cleaner and a carrying case, so the straws go where your recipient goes.

Jellycat Fleury Daisy ($35)

Real bouquets are overrated – floral plushies with adorable faces are the new buzz. This petal pal comes in two different sizes, large and small, to meet your gifting needs, and will fill any room with spring cheer!

Susan Alexandra Plushy Bunny Clip ($38)

The Easter bunny hops right into your hair with this plushy claw clip! Snag this accessory to sport for all the holiday festivities, or gift it to your bestie that needs a boost of Easter spirit!

Williams Sonoma Peter Rabbit Spatula ($16)

Fill your Easter cooking projects with springtime enthusiasm! Peter Rabbit becomes your best new sous chef with this giftable Williams Sonoma design.

Waterdrop 14 oz Steel Water Bottle in Pastel Purple ($27)

This steel bottle keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12. No matter what your recipient is sipping on, their beloved beverage has a comfy home in this sleek pastel bottle!

Bites of Beauty for Your Easter Baskets

Giving the gift of self care can't be excluded from Easter. Pick up some skincare and makeup items to share with your recipients, plus get some more ideas for the gift to yourself.

Chillhouse Chill Tips in Groovy Baby ($16)

Make manis effortless with these press-on nails that come in tons of different colors and patterns. We love the color Groovy Baby because the gradients and palette reflect the light, breezy qualities of spring. Your BFF will want more after trying these on!

Summary Candle to Body Oil ($25)

This candle-to-body oil when lit is the pinnacle of self care. First, take in the lightweight scents of grapefruit, tangerine, and ho wood, before smothering your skin's dry spots in a smooth, nurturing oil.

Glossier Lavender Balm Dot Com ($14)

Any bestie, teen girl, or work pal will lose it over Glossier's Balm Dot Com when they find it sitting in their Easter basket. The new and improved formula comes in a range of flavors and colors, but the lavender one is perfect for spring blooms!

LUSH Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt ($8)

Honey, toffee, and cocoa butter swirl together to coat a hot bath in the best-smelling and most soothing elements. This golden bath bomb's egg shape seamlessly fits into all the Easter festivities, so when it's time to relax after the holiday, this bath bomb will be a go-to.

TONYMOLY Petit Bunny Gloss Bar ($19)

These darling emotive bunny lip glosses are a great option for Easter basket fillers. They'll welcome your recipient's lips with unforgettable packaging, and moisturizing Vitamin E.

Colourpop Jelly Much Shadow in Big Ego ($9)

For the eyeshadow fanatics, the Colourpop Jelly Much shadow provides a rich coat of color to the lids. Each shade is slathered in iridescent pigments for a unique element to add to any makeup look, especially during spring, when we're seeing more color out and about.

Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Night Mask with Vitamin C ($18)

Feel the absolute freshness with this face mask! The mini size option makes Easter basket filling painless, plus the berry infusions and scents in the mask make this the perfect partner for springtime skin.

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This post has been updated. Additional reporting by Meredith Holser.

Gen Z glam, Broadway, and pop music don’t typically mix, but Six: The Musical proves just how well they blend together. The hit Broadway musical follows fictionalized versions of Henry VIII’s six wives competing to see who had it worse…through a singing competition.

I’ve seen plenty of Broadway shows, but I’ve never had a collective experience with an audience like I had at Six. There were cheers, there was clapping, and an audience member even stood up to dance!

Leandra Ellis-Gaston (who already has Broadway credits like Tina — The Tina Turner Musical and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical under her belt) plays a fun, feisty, and flirty version of Anne Boleyn. And in addition to Six’s empowering message and playful color palette, each queen’s unique vocal style emphasizes the overarching theme of finding your voice.

SIX Broadway welcomes new cast of Queens | First MegaSix


SIX Broadway welcomes new cast of Queens | First MegaSix

“My favorite number in the show would have to be ‘No Way,’ which is a song that [Hailee Kaleem Wright’s Catherine of] Aragon sings. But I get to dance in that number, which makes me really happy,” Ellis-Gaston says. “It also has a Latin feel to it so I get to kind of shake my hips and really move my body a lot, which is super exciting.”

With a unique structure that moves along with her, Ellis-Gaston’s costume is like its own piece of art. “My costume is the favorite, it's the best one. Period, end quote,” she jokes. “It's a two-piece and the way the skirt lays, it has its own life. Anytime I move on the stage, the skirt is also moving. Anytime I talk, the skirt is also talking.”

And while Ellis-Gaston’s costume is a focal point for her character, her makeup is just as important. When she joined the cast of Six on Broadway, the pre-approved shade range didn’t include what she needed for her darker complexion. Ellis-Gaston used her voice (much like the queens in the show) and helped expand the makeup products to include a larger shade range and artistic flexibility — meaning the queens’ roles will be more accessible in the future, no matter their skin tone.


Saturday Day GRWM#grwm #worklife #makeup #eyeshadowtutorial #sixthemusical

If you want to get a glimpse into Ellis-Gaston’s makeup routine, you can find a variety of step-by-step videos on her TikTok channel. The Get Ready With Me-style breakdowns feature the other queens and amazing eye looks that change on a daily basis.

Along with her makeup, Ellis-Gaston also performs with box braids and gelled baby hairs that are “so authentic to a Black lifestyle.” As much as it means to her on a personal level, she’s also coming to terms with the scale of its impact.

A conversation about what Ellis-Gaston’s version of the iconic queen would look like “had a lot to do with my identity as a Black woman, and knowing that I represented not only myself but millions of little Black girls [so] it was important that we found a way to incorporate that in the character.”

Even though she’s a Broadway vet, Ellis-Gaston’s had a few firsts with Six. “This is the first show I’ve ever done where I didn't get a job because I was Black,” she says. “I’m playing Anne Boleyn, but they're not sticking to history. Anybody can step into those shoes. So to think that I could step into them and also bring something that's really cultural to me to the role is just out of this world incredible.”

Although onstage diversity has grown over the last few years (The Visibility Report revealed that 29% of onstage actors in the 2018-2019 New York theatre season were Black, compared to just over 23% in previous years), there is still such a long way to go — for different body types, gender expressions, and racial diversity.

“It's important that when people come see the show, they see curvy women, they see darker-skinned women like myself, they see all ethnicities represented,” Ellis-Gaston says. “It's really important because this world is not made up of just one kind of person. And so any moment we can highlight that or showcase that in a new way is really, really important.”

Six as a whole represents all kinds of women, and welcomes every kind of person to take part in the story. “If art cannot represent what is happening right now in the world, it is not true art,” Ellis-Gaston says. “[Our show is a] musical that empowers people to have a new perspective, a musical that allows people to know that your voice matters.”

Image via B+C

Leandra Ellis-Gaston in her dressing room before an evening performance of Six: The Musical

The queens’ journeys and personalities on their own are just as important (if not more) than they are as a collective unit. “[Boleyn] is a spitfire [and] I love how honest she is,” Ellis-Gaston says. “People now get so nervous to say things out loud. And she was never scared to push the envelope.”

Boleyn’s honesty and security in who she is makes her more human — something that Ellis-Gaston also had to learn about herself when she walked on stage in the wrong costume. “I am a perfectionist and I have to remind myself in moments like that, like stupid things happen to you, it reminds you that you're human,” she says. “It was a very humbling moment to be like, ‘Bad things can happen to you, and yet you will live.’”

My favorite part of the show comes near the end, when the queens all realize that even though they’re remembered because of Henry VIII, he’s also only remembered because ofthem. In a unifying moment, Taylor Iman Jones’ Catherine Parr reminds the other queens that they’re all one-of-a-kind.

“She goes down the line and every day I get emotional,” Ellis-Gaston says. “I get chills because I'm like, ‘Whoa, my 12-year-old dreams are coming true.” And because of those childhood dreams, she understands how important it is for all of the young people coming to see the show now.

“It's important for not only Black women to be represented in this show, but as a dark-skinned woman, the range of women showcased in this show [is incredible],” she says. “I just can't get over how a show like this can reach beyond so much further than we could ever imagine.”

Check out our pop culture page for more exclusives like this, and read our interview with A Doll's House star Jesmille Darbouze!

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Featured image via Joan Marcus

When you walk into a multi-million dollar home, you know it. Everything feels shiny, new, somehow cleaner than you’d ever thought possible, and you’re left feeling…less than.

Of course your home could look like that if you too forked over a small inheritance for flooring and light fixtures. But if you ask me: there’s absolutely no fun in that. Anyone can make a home look ready for HGTV with a six-figure budget, but the real heroes do it for a fraction and make you think it costs much much more.


Replying to @brandflakes34 “I am shocked” is my favorite reaction

I’m a budget girly through and through and what I’ve found is that when done right, budget products look just as good as those designer labels. When it comes to your home, there’s plenty of tips and tricks to elevate your space from blah to banging and if you stick with me, you’ll find that your wallet doesn’t have to suffer in order to do so.

As you're making your house a home, consider these hacks to flex your home’s beauty without breaking the bank.

​1. Hang Your Curtains Like This


Reply to @j.melynn Tips For Hanging Curtains! ✅ #interiordesign #interiordesigner #homedecor #decorating #styletips #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #designtips #decor #homedesign #homerenovation #diy @lizlovery

This seems far too simple to be true and yet, people are blown away by what raising your curtains up a few inches can do. Not only do longer, fuller curtains look more expensive and luxurious, they draw the eye up, making your space feel larger and grander.


Gave these $15 curtains a quick and easy upgrade✨ #curtainhack #ikeahack #homedecortips #interiordesigntips #bedroomdecor #diyhomedecor
Bonus points for a pinched pleat:

The “pinched pleat” style of curtains are often expensive and over-priced. You can create this same look with ordinary curtains and a little ingenuity. @ayeyiathome shows how a few simple supplies can take your standard curtains to the next level with this easy DIY project.

​2. Never Underestimate Lighting


All products linked in my bio 🤎 #homedecor #tiptok #interiordesign #hometips #decortips #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #amazonfavorites

Lighting is usually the last thing people think about in a space. Mostly because it feels so permanent and inconsequential, but it makes a huge impact on your space in reality. Adding lamps around your home, rather than using the overhead light creates a cozier, intimate vibe. Utilize lighting as accents and accessories to your existing decor, like highlighting art with a picture light.


Should have said hack not trick bc those 3 words in a row kept messing me up 🤣🤣🤣 #diyhack #diyhacks #pucklighthack #pucklights #drybar #wetbarideas #diydrybar
Try this hack:

Upgrade your corded, plug-in lights for a sleek, “wall-mount” look sans all the electrical work with puck lights. These battery-operated (or sometimes rechargeable) lights work in any lamp to provide light without having to be hard-wired into the wall.

3. Swap Out Store-Bought Bottles For This Matching Set​


Get the designer look for less 👊🏼#homedecor #homeinspo #diyhomedecor #stylehacks #homedecorhacks

All of those perfect, Instagrammable homes we love are usually meticulously organized, but perhaps more importantly… nothing is ever in its original packaging. Swapping out your store-bought bottles of haircare or even pantry items, with matching containers will instantly upgrade your space for much less than you might expect.

4. Find The Right Size Rug


#homedecor #rugs #livingroom #hometips #interiordecor

Odd are, your rugs are too small. Disproportionate rooms, even those that are decorated with expensive pieces, can feel a little off and disheveled. The right size rug for a room will ground your design and pull the entire space together.

5. Fill Your Walls With The Right Proportions


Tap like if it’s useful! 💙 #wallart #wallarttips #homedecortips #homedesigntips #katekerditips #designtips

In the comments of this video, @katekerdiinteriors admits “design is a lot about math, whether we like it or not,” and decorating the walls in your space is a perfect example of this. It feels easy to add a piece of art or photo gallery to a blank wall, but using this simple math equation will help you pick art that makes your space feel more expensive.

Quick Math:
  1. To find the correct size range of art for your wall, first measure the wall.
  2. Once you have your measurements, you'll want to multiply both the height and width by 0.6 to get the lower end of the range.
  3. For the higher end of the range, multiply the height and width by 0.75.


Simple trick to make your home look more expensive 💵 .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #softminimalism #interiorstyles #fineinterior #dekorieren #interiør123 #inspotoyourhome #whiteinteriors #actualinstagramhomes #bauherren #häuslebauer #interior4you #luxuryhomestyle #lovearchitecture #warmminimalism #westelm #homeinteriordesign #apartmenttherapy #dailydecordetail #interiorism #actualinstahomes #beautifulhomesfeature #bauen #luxeathome
Bonus tip:

Utilize blank wall space to reflect light with mirrors. This will make your room feel larger and more airy without a huge monetary or time investment.

6. Look Up — Don't Leave Your Ceilings Hanging


taking over my house 😳 L!NK IN B!0 / Amaz0n st0refront ! #househardy #gothtok #gothic #victorian #darkacademia #homedecor ceiling tiles #diy

Ceilings are having a huge moment right now. Just a quick scroll and you’ll find monochromatic paint jobs that include the ceiling, as well as textured ceiling treatments that are whimsical and immediately draw your eye. There are so many budget-friendly products on the market that can be installed easily to steal the show in any room.


Replying to @alwyssmilin I saw the ceiling wallpaper online and immediately ordered it and it became the inspiration for the entire space. Details on the wallpaper here ➡️@homebodyhq #ceilingwallpaper #organicmoderndesign #maximaliststyle #bathroominteriordesign #updatebathroom

I used wallpaper to upgrade my ceiling, but you can easily take yours to the next level with a fresh coat of paint.

7. Don't Forget The Outside


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The very idea of updating the exterior of my home feels extremely daunting, but the truth is, there are so many affordable (and shockingly simple) additions to your home that will boost the curb appeal immediately. These rain gutter chains are like earrings for your home and look how pretty she looks! Other quick fixes like magnetic garage hardware or cedar shutters accessorize your home to enhance its beauty.

8. Incorporate Natural Stone


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Luxury materials will always make a space feel high-end, but they come with a designer price tag. Incorporating small samples of those materials, like marble, travertine, and natural wood, is a cost-effective way to strengthen a room. Marble coasters, vases, and candlestick holders are low-cost accessories with an elegant impact.

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Summer is coming — which means our credit card statement is sure to be flooded with Starbucks drink purchases (anyone else crave the strawberry açai beverage the minute the weather turns warm?). With spring in full swing, fast food companies are beginning to hop on the refresher bandwagon. First, Reddit claims that Dunkin’ dropped a mango pineapple refresher, and now Wendy’s launched an exciting (and slightly familiar) offering: a blueberry pomegranate lemonade. Available on March 28th for a limited time, the drink is the latest addition to Wendy’s Dave’s Craft Lemonade lineup.

Last year, Wendy’s lemonade lineup consisted of Sunburst Melon, pineapple mango, all-natural, and strawberry flavors. The fast food chain claims that “nothing compares” to its lemonade, especially now that the blueberry pomegranate is the star of the show. Wendy’s describes the drink as “perfectly refreshing with bright tart notes of pomegranate and a pop of color worthy of any Instagram in-feed post.” Because these days, why even bother concocting a new drink if it’s not mouth-watering and postable?!

Mixing together two fruits for a tasty lemonade has been a long pastime — especially for brands like Starbucks, with its most popular refreshers including its Mango Dragon Fruit and Pineapple passionfruit. To be clear, we are so not complaining about the lemonade epidemic, just taking note of the influx of drinks we need to order at all our favorite fast food chains next. While a tall mango dragon fruit lemonade at Starbucks goes for $4.25, Wendy's small blueberry pomegranate lemonade sells for approximately $2.29 — so do with that information what you will!

In addition to Wendy’s new beverage, the brand added a grilled chicken ranch wrap and grilled chicken Cobb salad — perfect for a picnic in the park or a much-needed beach day! You can grab the latest Spring offerings at your local Wendy’s, or place an order on the eatery’s handy delivery app. If you’re a regular Wendy’s customer, you can also opt for your Wendy’s Rewards, which will earn you points towards your next purchase. While the mobile app loads on our phones, we’ll be anxiously awaiting the rest of the new beverages set to launch this summer (we are looking at you, Starbucks).

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Supermodel Emily Ratajkowskiand singerHarry Styles were seen locking lips in Tokyo this past weekend, sparking international speculation as to whether or not the duo is dating.

In an up-close-and-personal video, EmRata and Styles, both newly single, share a very passionate kiss in the streets of Tokyo.

The kiss heard 'round the world (quite literally) happened earlier this week, but fans are still shocked by the unexpected pairing, especially considering both of their recent (and very public) relationships.

Celebrities also shared in the collective dismay on social media, most notably singer (and IMO the funniest celeb on social media) Lewis Capaldi.


so unsatisfied

Styles recently split from actress and director Olivia Wilde, following an on-again-off-again relationship that spanned two years, which was a whole *thing* all on its own. While the “As it Was” singer was rumored to date several women since the split, nothing has been confirmed by Styles himself.

"Harry is seeing someone. He’s going to great lengths to keep her identity quiet after the circus surrounding his relationship with Olivia," a source told The Mirror of Styles’ alleged new 'ship. "But his close circles all know about the romance. Though it’s early days, things seem to be going well."

While it’s not clear who the source was referring to, we can only assume they meant Ratajkowski. The model recently ended her marriage to actor and producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, who is best known for his work in Uncut Gems. The couple announced their divorce following four years of marriage and one child together.

Since their divorce, Ratajkowski is no stranger to the limelight. The bestselling author of My Body started a podcast, called the High Low with EmRata, which aims to host intimate conversations on low and high-brow topics, from TikTok relationships to politics, philosophy, feminism, and sex.

Despite her growing career, Ratajkowski rockets to the front-of-mind for celebrity news aficionados because of the men she’s often linked to, not her ongoing work.

Pre-Styles, she’s been linked to industry pros likeBrad Pitt, DJ Orazio Rispo, Pete Davidson, and Eric André (which prompted this viral photo), all resulting in a lot of backlash.

The question has to be asked: Why do people care so much about who Ratajkowski dates? And why don’t people care about Styles?


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Who anyone chooses to start a relationship is truly none of our business. Whether they want to date around for fun, or are looking to find love, it really shouldn't matter. When Taylor Swift sang that if she were a man she’d be “just like Leo in Saint-Tropez” in her Lover-era song, she articulates this conundrum perfectly — why can’t women be surrounded by models without all the salacious gossip and hate?

Women are scrutinized and objectified enough in the public eye – yes, even supermodels. Societal expectations can be ruthless, especially for single moms, so there is no need for anyone to pile their opinions onto the life of another.

So date around! Do whatever you want, because at the end of the day everyone deserves to find someone special, and no one should suffer from the burden of outdated, and frankly sexist, cultural norms.

We’re happy for you, EmRata! But, uh, if Harry’s up for smooching…send him our way next please! ;)

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