Khloe Kardashian has been giving fitness fans serious fomo these days, from ‘gramming up a storm during her workouts to flexing her fit bod on magazine covers. But nothing comes close to topping the pictures that were recently released of her insanely huge fitness closet packed from floor to ceiling with workout clothes and accessories. We’re talking what looks like 100 pairs of shoes (or close to it, count ‘em), leggings for days and a real girl closet’s worth of hoodies. The Kardashian’s aren’t known for their subtly, (we know, we know) but as active girls who totally look up to Khloe for #fitspo, we saw this, held tight to our credit cards and thought “do we really need all of this to work out like a pro?”


To set the record straight, we asked Kaity Cimo, Director of Marketing for the women’s fitness brand Crane & Lion to weigh in. Thankfully, you can halt your plans to turn every inch of your spare space into a fitness mecca. “Khloe is lucky enough to have a huge fitness wardrobe, but for the average person, we can look good and feel good while working out with a fraction of that closet,” she said. Scroll through to find out how many workout pieces you actually need to get through those weekly burpees, oms and sprints.


Gym Shoes = 2 – 3: 100 pairs of sneakers would be great, but Cimo tells us the average Jill only needs a running sneaker (if you run), one not-as-specialized pair for fitness classes and a more stylish/casual pair for getting around town.

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3 Sneaker ($125)


Leggings = 6 – 7: “Since leggings are worn much more often than just for working out, I think owning an increasing amount of them can be justified these days. Two pairs of crops for high-heat workouts, three pairs of long leggings for winter or more moderate workouts and one to two other pairs that are intended for casual use.”

Crane & Lion Capri Tight ($90)


Sports bras = 4: “Everyone has a trusty older sports bra that they can’t let go of, but should also have a high-support bra for running, a more feminine one for barre/yoga and an extra — for the laundry days.”

Crane & Lion Keyhole Sports Bra ($60)


Workout Tops = 8 – 10: “I think a lot of women have a variety of types of tops that they can wear for different activities: bra tanks, close-fit tanks, loose/flowy tanks, moisture wicking t-shirts and plain old ‘I got this for free but love it’ t-shirt. And of course this number could depend on how many times a week you work out!”

Outdoor Voices Circuit Tank in Static ($60)


Hoodies + Sweats = 2 – 3: “We all have old hoodies and sweats in our closet (that should probably be thrown out) so I won’t count those. In terms of current, attractive hoodies and sweats, I think two to three of each is great. An oversized sweatshirt and a more form-fitting one. For sweatpants, a jogger is a must for this season because it can be dressed up and is more versatile. Then another pair or two that you can just throw on for those 6am classes in the winter.”

Crane & Lion Tunic Hoodie ($125)


Gym Bags = 1: “I say stick with one gym bag. If you start changing gym bags, you’re bound to forget your deodorant or sports bra at home.”

Lululemon All You Need Duffel ($148)


Sweat bands + other accessories = 2 – 3: “Two headbands, zero sweatbands and an armband or something similar to hold music.”

Lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband ($18)


Water Bottles = 2: Even if you have mastered the minimal workout wardrobe, it’s okay to have that thing (or two) that you go a little more overboard for. “I have a weird obsession with water bottles. I own seven maybe? Yes, excessive,” Cimo admits. “I’ll go ahead and say two for the average person. One with a sport top for things like spinning and another pretty one for yoga, barre and toting around.”

 Purity Glass Water Bottle ($18)


Winter Gear: “For the winter, one pair of athletic gloves and a headband are a must! There are a lot of great, versatile jackets and sweaters in the athleisure space now. At least one is great to have to thrown on over your fitness-wear and make an outfit.”

Move By Alternative Sweat Me Hooded Top ($88)

What are your go-to workout essentials? How does your “fitness” closet (LOL) compare to Khloe’s? Tell us in the comments below.

(Featured photo via @laclosetdesign)