When we stumbled across the Pixel Ruler over on Swiss Miss, we fell instantly in love. An analog tool with digital sensibilities? It’s perfect. And that led us to UI Stencils. While these are marketed as stencils for designers, product managers, information architects, etc, we think they’re pretty awesome for geeky crafters as well. Imagine holding an iPhone app stencil over a frosted cookie and pouring sprinkles through it. Pretty much the best!

So without further ado, here are our 5 favorite products from this awesome collection.

1. iPhone Stencil Kit ($27): Created for quickly sketching out UI prototypes, we think this would make a great spray painting stencil for geekifying anything from a gift bag to DIY wrapping paper to the outside of a mason jar. You could also use it on top of a frosted cake by pouring sprinkles through it to create a design. This kit comes with a stencil, pencil, case, and 2 stickers.

2. Pixel Ruler ($24): Do you draw in pixelated form? Then you’ll swoon as hard as we did over this pixel ruler. Not only is it scaled to 150 pixels per inch but it includes marks for small screen portraits, tablet portraits, widescreen, and more. The kit comes with a pixel-friendly pencil as well.

3. Website Stencil Kit ($27): Like the others, this was made for brainstorming web and app ideas with all the icons and buttons you’ve grown to know and love. We love the idea of using this for crafting, maybe for DIY business cards or embossed sugar cookies!

4. T-Shirt Sketcher Stencil Kit ($14): You know we love us some silly t-shirts. If you’re ready to go on a crazy t-shirt brainstorm, this little t-shirt stencil will be your best friend. Perfect for bringing your apparel ideas to life.

5. Browser Dry Erase Board ($27): Though this doesn’t have quite as many crafty uses as the stencils and ruler, this is great for bloggers who aren’t necessarily designing full-blown websites but like to visualize by sketching.

What creative uses can you come up with for these techie tools? Talk to us in the comments below. And always keep nerding out :)