The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “tatu,” meaning “to mark something,” and instances of the body art can be traced back as far as Neolithic times. Yass, tatts are *legit* thousands of years old. But just because the practice is old-school, your ink doesn’t have to be. For those of us who just want to keep our tatt tiny and cute comes a wave of itsy-bitsy, small animal designs that will satisfy your minimalist ways. Scroll down for 10 of our faves.

1. Itty-Bitty Kitty: Eternalize a past or present pet with a simple line-drawn kitty tattoo. Add even more love into it by turning the tail tip into a heart. *Swoon.*

2. Peace + Love 4 Eva: A dove is all you need when the message is this simple and sweet. Top it off with a little red heart for contrast and keep the wing lines open to show movement.

3. Right Meow: A wrist tattoo is the ultimate perma-flair, especially when it has this much cat-titude! Paint your nails red and stack those bracelets proud, girl.

4. A Whale of a Good Time: This is hands down the cutest aquatic animal tat we have *ever* seen. We love seeing traditionally ginormous mammals, miniaturized and perfectly positioned.

5. Elephants on Parade: These gorgeous animals symbolize strength and good luck! Get a mom and babe for ultimate cuteness!

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6. Some Bunny Loves You: If this rabbit doesn’t make you hop down to your local tattoo artist, we don’t know what will! Even just a hare?

7. Panda-monium: We love the wrist placement and that pandas symbolize peace, harmony, and friendship.

8. Lady Luck: You’ll bring good fortune wherever you go when you get this little bug tattoo. Be really bold and get neck ink like this gal.

9. What Does the Fox Say?: Known as a mischievous trickster IRL, the fox also has symbology across most cultures. We love the fluid, freeform style, lower arm placement, and that adorbs heart accent.

10. Standing Above the Rest: This gentle yet fierce animal is the perf ink for any ankle. You’re sure to stand strong and move gracefully when you get this creature tattooed.

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