Not everyone is into whimsical bright colors and summery prints when it comes to decorating our homes. Some of us like to take a page from the Addams family and are partial to the slightly macabre. If you’re looking for a way to truly set your home decor apart, we’ve got the answer. Hit up an antiques and oddities shop stat. In case you don’t have a go-to store yet, you can check some out on Instagram first. Here are the accounts of 10 stunning, kooky, sometimes creepy curiosity shops across the US.

1. @theevolutionstore: The Evolution Store in Manhattan’s SoHo shopping district is a neighborhood fixture. Shoppers in the area are greeted at its storefront by a large black flag emblazoned with a human skull. Inside, it’s packed with charming little oddities from butterfly collections to stunning vintage biology posters. They regularly post images of what they have in their shop — including everything from a taxidermy lion, a regular rotation of animal skulls and bugs. Lots of bugs. (via @theevolutionstore via @nanna_martinez)

2. @obscuraantiques: This oddities shop is an institution. New York-based Obscura Antiques & Oddities once had their own show, Oddities, on the Science Channel, where they introduced and sold their curios to ordinary people and celebs, including Amy Sedaris and Chloë Sevigny. If you’re interested in purchasing these kind of creepy twin puppets, we believe they’re still available. (via @obscuraantiques)

3. @shopnoun: This teeny little toy piano is one of the many curiosities you’ll find at Noun: A Person’s Place for Things in Portland, Oregon. They describe themselves thusly: “equal parts curio shop, art gallery and modern boutique, our aesthetic is inherently difficult to define.” Follow their Instagram feed for lovely images and home decor inspo. (via @shopnoun)

4. @uncommonobjects: This Austin, Texas shop is actually an antiques and oddities multiplex. If you ever get down there, we highly recommend a visit. It seems like every square inch of their shop is covered in neatly curated curios. (via @uncommonobjects)

5. @omniastudios: South Carolina’s Omnia Oddities has a massive social media following, and it’s no wonder. Not only do they make gorgeous custom jewelry (check out their page for pics), but you’re also likely to find things like this Victorian-era memorial pendant — complete with a lock of the man’s hair. (via @omniastudios)

6. @pandorasboxmilford: This oddities store opened in 2011, and they cater to the creepier and crawlier appetites — but hey, it’s cool if that’s your thing! Mummified coyote tails? Check. Antique coffin plates? Check. Peek at their feed for more gory goodness. (via @pandorasboxmilford)

7. @kingrichardsantiques: Boasting itself as California’s largest and most historic antique-vintage center, King Richard’s Antiques is located inside what used to be a citrus packing factory. Now, the space is chock full of novelties, from clothing to accessories, home decor and more. (via @kingrichardsantiques)

8. @creelandgow: When you step inside their New York shop, you’re treated to a visual feast of the most exquisite items from around the world. Creel and Gow certainly make curiosity collection hyper elegant. Needless to say, their Instagram account is an extension of their aesthetic — classy, fascinating and chic. (via @creelandgow)

9. @maac_nyc: The Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center is a three-story collector’s mecca. Inside, they house 100 different galleries of the nation’s top arts and antiques dealers. You can get lost inside for hours — trust us. Their Instagram is an antique-lover’s dream, featuring goodies like this ruby and pearl brooch designed by Salvador Dalí. (via @maac_nyc)

10. @kabinettandkammer: Located in Andes, New York, Kabinett & Kammer is the modern curiosity shop opened by artist and collector Sean Scherer. On their Instagram account, Scherer displays his latest finds as well as gorgeous items around his store. (via @kabinettandkammer)

Where are your favorite antiques and oddities shops? Let us know in the comments below!