We’re launching into October with a week devoted to all things creepy, and mobile photo apps are no exception. Last year we shared a whole collection of spooktacular apps, and this year we’re upping the ante by going for maximum creep factor. Whether you dream of turning yourself into a unicorn, seeing what your boyfriend will look like when he’s 80, or are into replacing friends’ faces with dog heads, we’ve got an app for you. This Halloween, feel free to keep it creepy ;)

1. Catify Yourself: Meow! In a genius marketing move on the part of Friskies, Catify might be one of our favorite creepy photo apps of 2013. Turning friends into cats is oddly rewarding. (Free on iPhone)

2. Zombie Booth: The more zombies, the merrier? See what your true zombie self might look like with this terrifying app. It’s weird how seamlessly it turns you into a seriously scary character. ($0.99 on iPhone and Android)

3. Face Swap!: Now this is one that renders some creepy results, especially when certain pairs fit the swap so naturally. This would be a really fun app to use post Halloween, with all your Halloween party photos. ($1.99 on iPhone, similar apps free on Windows and Android)

4. Beardify: Babies and cats in beards. Why not? This straightforward app is much like Mustache Booth, but there’s something so much weirder about adding beards of different lengths to any photo on your phone. ($0.99 on iPhone)

5. Younicorn: Love Lisa Frank so much that you wish you were a hyper-color unicorn? This app will make all your dreams come true. ($0.99 on iPhone)

6. Oldify: Always wanted to see what you might look like as an 80 year old? This uncomfortably realistic app is sure to give you goosebumps, especially because the oldified photo moves and blinks. ($0.99 on iPhone and Android)

7. Scary Clown Booth: Creepiest part of this app? The description starts with this: “Clown wants to play!” ($0.99 on iPhone)

8. Dogify: This app literally takes clip art of dogs and lets you superimpose it on photos in your camera roll. It’s really, really weird. That being said, if it was free we would download it instantly. ($0.99 on iPhone)

9. Zombiematic: Who needs to see yet another wedding ensemble photo? Zombify it! Love the idea of using this for a Halloween holiday card. (Free oniPhone)

10. Pumpkinizer: Finally, we’re calling this the creepiest one of the lot. There’s something so unnerving about seeing a cute little kid’s face in a glowing pumpkin. ($0.99 on iPhone)

What’s the creepiest photo app you’ve seen? Talk to us in the comments below.