Before you read this intro, we need you to conjure up your best movie trailer announcer voice. Are you ready? “In a world full of questions there can only be [dramatic pause] answers. And for fashionistas, these answers are a matter of life and death. Now, two worlds are colliding to help solve all of your fashion crises and questions. “Where did she get that blouse?” will never go unanswered. Again. ASAP54, coming to an iPhone near you.” Good job, very convincing!

ASAP54 is an app and the two worlds it combines are visual search technology and a social fashion community. Think of it like a style-centric Google, where your results empty into a feed of fashionable friends and muses whose closets you’d kill to shop in. With this app, you kinda can!

Take pictures of pieces you want in your wardrobe whether on the red carpet or the street and the app tries to help you fulfill your fashion dreams by finding it or something close. You might have to muster up the courage to ask that super stylish girl on your commute if you can take a picture of her sweater, but once you have it hung in your closet, it will be worth it. If the app can’t locate exactly what you’re looking for, its TEAM of personal stylists will try to track it down for you.

This is a must-download if you follow a lot of fashionable folks on Instagram or the blogosphere and want the inside scoop on their wardrobe. You can also ASAP pictures of inspiration (like the above user did with beautiful buildings!) and the app acts like a Project Runway challenge, delivering up different looks based on your photo.

ASAP54 reminds us a little of Amazon Flow, the service we told you about where you can order a sriracha refill with a simple iPhone pic click, but here, you have a larger piece of the online shopping pie to dig in to. It’s also a gorgeous app. Can we paint our nails in that dusty lavender gray, please?

We hope the snap-and-shop trend continues, how about you? Oo! And what could be next? Custom beauty? Can you think of a time ASAP54 would have come in handy for you?