Many new celebrity parents want to shield their little ones from the spotlight in the beginning of their lives to protect the innocence of being young. This only heightens curiosity among people who want to get a peek at their fave celebs鈥 creation. That鈥檚 why it鈥檚 now 鈥渘ormal鈥 for celebrities鈥 first snaps of their child to garner a lot of chatter on social media 鈥 their huge follower bases definitely pay attention to what they post, especially if it鈥檚 baby-related ;) Ashton Kutcher has been particularly private after the birth of his daughter Wyatt Isabelle, but recently took to Instagram to share much more than just a first pic of his precious baby girl.


Ashton posted a photo of Wyatt pointing to the sky, staring out at the clouds 鈥 she鈥檚 totally in one of those delightful, daydream-y dazes that only carefree children can fully experience (ahhhh, takes us back to those times!). While the photo is super cute, Ashton took the opportunity while he had his followers鈥 full attention by captioning the photo with a cause he鈥檚 passionate about: the Red Sand Project.

The #redsandproject is activist Molly Gochman鈥檚 mission to raise awareness of modern slavery. The photo Ashton posted of Wyatt shows her standing next to a noticeable crack in the sidewalk that鈥檚 been painted red, with the caption 鈥39 million people have fallen through the cracks into modern day slavery. #redsandproject.鈥 While celebs have been known to make a big bang with their children鈥檚 cover-worthy debuts, adding a project you care about brings a whole new meaning to these special photos. Yay for getting a first look at baby Wyatt (finally!) and props to Ashton for shedding light on a worthwhile cause at the same time.

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(Featured photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty; photo via @aplusk)