What better way to celebrate the warm weather and cloudless skies of summer than by going on a picnic! Your basket is packed, you’ve chosen the spot and now all you need is the perfect blanket to make it all come to life. Comfortably. From classic checked throws to DIY totes, these 18 awesome picnic blankets are just what you’re looking for. Now, pack up those sammies and let’s get to picnicking!

1. Backyard Bliss ($40): It doesn’t get more classic than a red gingham blanket for a sunny summer picnic.

2. Fold-Up Blanket: A neat, compact and secure folded blanket is the best kind for traveling to and from your outing. (via Brit + Co)

3. Grass is Greener ($45): Fool them all! Just remember to put something on your blanket to mark it… we’d hate for you to get it mixed up with the real grass.

4. Polka Dots ($60): Nautical colors, a cute tasseled carrying case and monogramming options? Done, done and done.

5. Night Sky Constellations ($180): With over 23 square feet of space, there’s room for the whole family to see stars.

6. Tote Bag Blanket: This pick not only lets you lay out in style, but it also lets you take snacks and goodies along since it folds up into a neat tote. (via Brit + Co)

7. Game Board Blanket: No one’s getting bored at your picnic! Break out the needle and thread to DIY a picnic blanket that’s complete with entertainment. (via Nellie Bellie)

8. Grand Trunk Parasheet ($42): Don’t let sand and water keep you from having your picnic at the beach. This pick, made of parachute nylon, resists sand and water. Plus its bottom pockets can be filled with sand or rocks to weigh it down, so you’ll never have to chase it down the shore on a windy day.

9. Patchwork: It’s fun to feel girly sometimes, and this blanket does the trick. Snag some girlfriends and head to the park with a throw that’s whimsical and chic. (via Centsational Girl)

10. Reversible Stripes ($150): Bold stripes, a baguette, some wine… this picnic setup will have you thinkin’ you’re in Paris in no time.

11. Birchbox Artisan Project Beach Blanket ($48): This pick comes from Birchbox’s Artisan Project picks. It’s handwoven by Moroccan artists, and is just as fabulous to lie on as it is to look at.

12. Patterned DIY: Oh geometric patterns, you know we can’t resist your charm and good looks. (via Design Love Fest)

13. Central Park Blanket and Cooler ($45): You better believe this adorable chevron blanket comes complete with a cooler for all of your favorite beverages. Plus, it can be carried as a shoulder bag or backpack. Handsome daddy not included.

14. Picnic for Four With Blanket ($94): The only thing better than a super soft fleece picnic blanket is a super soft fleece picnic blanket that comes with the picnic! This all-in-one set has almost everything you need for a group of four to enjoy a lovely afternoon in the park.

15. Sand-Free Multimat ($60): If you’re headed to the shore for your outing, this mat is a must-have. It has special sand-trapping technology that captures any grains that hit it and sifts them to its second layer, preventing your food and feet from getting gritty.

16. Blue Ikat ($190): This blanket is machine washable, roomy and just plain pretty.

17. Custom Tee Memories ($200): Send in 25 of your most favorite tees, and this Etsy seamstress will customize a blanket full of memories just for you.

18. Speaker Blanket ($25): Last, but definitely not least, sweet jams will never be missed with a plaid picnic blanket that includes a built-in speaker. Party on, picnickers!

Which of these blankets would you like to pack for your picnic? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!