Apps are like little siblings. They see their big bros and sisters do something cool, and they’re like “hey, me too!” First there was Twitter, then there was Instagram, then Vine. First Snapchat had pics, then videos soon followed. You might have dabbled in the art of social secret sharing with an app like Whisper or Secret, but if there’s more you need to get off of your virtual chest, Awkward will soon let you do the same thing with videos.

Awkward is an awesomely named app that wants to make telling your anonymous secrets to strangers way less weird. Their plan? Take all of the serious, breathless, “Okay, world, here goes…” out of the equation and make it a laughable, embarrassing[but-in-the-funny-relatable-way] sharing experience.

They believe that everybody has a funny story (or, you know, an awkward one) to ‘fess up to and are just giving you a platform to tell it to the world in 10-second clips. After you record your mini video, you have the option of making it as anonymous as you want with a blur filter that you control the intensity of. From there, the community can rank your video “up” to the top of the Awkward pile.

Available for iPhone soon, the app is currently accepting beta testers, so sign up on their site if you want to be a part of the Awkward exchange from day one and see if you can help them keep the mood silly vs. serious.

Would you use Awkward to reveal deep, dark secrets? What about funny ones? What do you think about apps that encourage anonymity? Share below!