You’ve seen all the greeting cards in the drugstore and let us guess, none of them suit your fancy? Us too—that’s why when it comes to love notes, we like to think outside the box. Or actually, should we say, in the box? ‘Cause this year, we’re woo-ing our Valentine with a Be Mine box! It’s kind of like a mini-banner meets pop-up card, and let’s just say it’s way more exciting to open than an envelope and seriously fun to make.

 – red and pink scrap paper

– small gift box (jewelry boxes are a perfect size)

– string

– tape

– craft glue

– letter stamps and stamp pad


– scissors

– needle

– heart punch


1. Stamp out “Will You Be Mine” on pink paper. Pro tip: Great alternatives to letter stamps are sticker letters, or simply some fancy handwriting.

2. Cut out each letter of “Will You” into squares. Use a heart-shaped paper punch to cut out each letter of “Be Mine.”

3. Tape each square letter of “Will You” to the top of your gift box and set aside.

4. Space out each each heart shaped letter of “Be Mine” onto red paper and glue them on. Then, cut each into a larger heart.

5. Cut your string to the desired length—make it’s long enough to fit all of the heart-shaped letters plus six inches on either end.

6. Thread your needle and sew one stitch through the top of each heart-shaped letter. Tie a knot after each stitch to make sure the letters stay in place.

7. Tape the string ends onto the inside of the box top and bottom. Then, cut two large hearts out of red paper and tape them over your string ends.

8. Close the box with the banner inside and tie with a ribbon.

9. Present it to your Valentine!

First, stamp out your phrase! We went with the classic “Will You Be Mine,” though any of these phrases from our conversation heart confetti would do. To make it interesting, we cut each letter of “Will You” into squares, then we used a heart-shaped paper punch to cut out “Be Mine.” Too cute! Then glue your square cutouts to the front of the box lid, and glue your heart cutouts to red scrap paper.

We’re creating a banner out of the last part of the phrase, so that when your boo opens the box, it falls out in a lovely fashion. Save the aww-ing for later: you’ve got more cutting to do! Go ahead and cut larger hearts around your heart-shaped letters, so that you end up with two-toned hearts.

Next, grab your string (cut to size, of course!), and start threading it through the front and back of each letter. Make sure they’re centered—we added a blank red heart in the middle as an indicator—and evenly spaced. It’s all about the details. See how good that looks?

Then, tape the ends of your string to the inside of the box top and the inside of the box bottom. Tape a large red heart over the ends to conceal the mess. Tuck the message inside, and you’re ready to top off your box with a pretty bow!

We wrapped some festive ribbon around the center of our box, making sure that the “Will You” was totally visible. Intriguing right? Your Valentine won’t be able to resist opening it up!

…and when he or she does, that’s when the magic happens. Aren’t you glad you didn’t settle for a paper card?

The best part about the Be Mine box is that it doubles as a mini banner. Yep—DIY Valentine’s Day decor and a handmade card in one. We’re obsessed!

What creative Valentines are you giving your BFs, GFs, and pals this V-Day? Tell us in the comments below.