We've shown you what the future holds in terms of innovation for health and fitness, but what about a roundup of gadgetry that's ready to take your beauty regime to the next level? From a curling iron for your eyelashes to a magical blue light that battles blemishes, here are 12 of the best beauty gadgets around. And yes, lasers are involved.

1. Pocket Power File ($10): Need a high powered tool to tackle those finicky uneven nails? This pocket power file is ever-so-convenient, and will take care of any chips, nicks, or breaks as quickly as they show up.

2. Tanda Pearl ($195): Forget those stiff whitening strips and bleach trays that sting your gums. The Tanda Pearl is a revolutionary new ionic teeth whitening system. Its unique double-biting tray treats all your teeth, front and back, at the same time. In just 5 minutes, your teeth'll be sparklin'!

3. Professional Heated Lash Curler ($16): That's right. A curling iron for your lashes that works even when you've already got mascara on.

4. Ionic Conditioning Dryer by iTools ($106): The hair dryer our resident stylist Misty swears by, this iTools dyer employs deeply restorative Ionic Conditioning technology to not only dry your hair, but protect it as well. We recommend using this with the iTools Bio-Ionic Conditioning Brush and, for summery waves, use the wondrous iTools diffuser.

5. gHD Classic Styler ($98): When you need to straighten things up, you need something lightning fast and super effective. The gHD styler heats in just 30 seconds, with a protective outer casing that stays cool to the touch. Once heated, a chip inside detects what's going on and automatically adjusts the heat to your hair's texture and thickness. Plus, it automatically turns off if it's not in use for 30 minutes!

6. Gillette Mach M3 Razor + 10 Refills ($52): Known in the razor review circuit as "the one that got away," the Mach M3 Vibrating Razor is a force to be reckoned with. Originally marketed to men for a smooth daily shave, it works wonders on the legs of ladies as well. Its currently being offered up all over eBay for around 50 bucks, and seems to be well worth it.

7. Silk'n SensEpil ($500): Or really sock it to your unwanted hair with the Silk'n SensEpil! This device uses safe, innovative, clinically proven Home Pulsed Light technology to remove unwanted hair. Unlike smaller laser devices, the SensEpil covers larger areas and delivers long term results.

8. La Tweez Illuminating Tweezers ($20): You know a company called La Tweez has gotta be peddling something fancy in the world of tweezerdom. And indeed they are. This sparkling set of Tweezers will clean up your brows even in the dimmest of rooms and will illuminate even the lightest stray brow hairs.

9. Hot Tools Curling Iron ($28): This classic curling iron has been the best one on the market for a decade, and the newbies just can't compete. The 24 carat gold plated barrel circulates heat evenly among the barrel and the hair, and the patented pulse technology restores heat to the curler twirl after twirl.

10. Skin Perfecting Blue Light ($275): Designed by dermatologists to treat acne quickly and effectively, this futuristic gadget uses blue light technology to eliminate the bacteria deep within the skin that causes breakouts and dulls complexion. The result is clear, radiant skin. P.S. Haven't you always wanted to zap those soon-to-be zits away with a laser?

11. Clarisonic Pro For Face & Body ($119-$225): This Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses Clarisonic's patented micro-massage motion to work within skin's natural elasticity to gently remove all impurities. Your skin will be bright, smooth, and deeply clean after just a week of use. If you're feeling Clarisonic-curious, we recommend the Mia, which is small, comes in every color, and is perfect for on-the-go beauty.

12. Evolv Sidekick: Not on the market for in-home use just yet, the Evolv Sidekick is the first heated sunless tanning system of it's kind. Rather than a spray tan that leaves you feeling like a painted lady, the Evolv uses a two-step heated process to give you the perfect all-over glow. You can customize your color (from "Oh, I just had lunch in the sunshine" to "I just spent a week on the beach in Miami" as well as choose from Tea Tree, Coconut and Lime. Check out the website to find a Evolv-equipped spa near you.

What futuristic gadgets do you use on a daily basis? Got any tried-and-true classics we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.