This Traditional Tattoo Artist’s Designs Are Old-School Cool
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This Traditional Tattoo Artist’s Designs Are Old-School Cool

While we love modern, geometric and pop culture-inspired tattoos, there is something to be said about the traditional American style that got it all going way back when. Our latest #tattooercrush, Becca Genné-Bacon (aka @beccagennebacon), has a classic, colorful style that will have you ready for some new, old-school-inspired ink. Scroll on for lots of merpeople, floral framing and cute little creatures with name banners.

1. Gypsy: That face. Those eyes. THAT headwrap. This lady is stylish beauty in tattoo form.

2. Sexy Swimmer: It doesn’t get more traditional that this old-school swimmer. His classic tattoos make him almost too cool for school.

3. Llama: Llama, pom poms and cactus? We might have just died and gone to cute tattoo heaven.

4. Pot o’ Flowers: We can’t think of anything more beautiful to put on your forearm than a pot of flowers. Now, if only permanent tats could be scratch and sniff…

5. Kitty Power: This flower crown-wearing kitty might be raddest pet tattoo we’ve ever seen. Meatball 4EVA.

6. Mermaid: Ariel ain’t got nothing on this sexy thigh tat. We are loving the emerald and gold tones here.

7. Breakin’ the Rules: No rules, just right. You too can harness that energy 24/7 with some convention-defying ink like this.

8. Ahoy Matey: Sailor tats are the epitome of American Traditional style. This mighty vessel is of epic proportions.

9. Puppy Love: The bond between a dog and their human is hard to put into words. So why not just get it inked on instead? Bonus points if you give your furry friend some accessories like these cute glasses.

10. Flowers + Bee: If spring were a tattoo, this would be it.

11. Merman: Oh hey, sexy merman! How awesome is he with his shark tattoo and uber-stylish facial hair?

12. Traveling Dino: There’s a lot going on here, but we love all of it. Explore the world, little dino friend, and go see those bright city lights.

13. Spaceship: Just because Becca’s style is traditional doesn’t mean she can’t get a little futuristic with her ink.

14. Prickly Cactus: We wouldn’t mind having this pretty-in-prickles tattoo on our arm, or even our walls.

15. Crabby Crab: Yup. This mystical little creature is playing the concertina. Creative crustaceans FTW.

16. Bearded Lady: Bearded ladies might have been a sideshow act way back when, but now it is becoming more acceptable IRL and in tattoo form.

17. Owl: Hoot, hoot! This owl is too cute for words.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @beccagennebacon)