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We love a good throwback or ’80s reference any day of the week. And when that shows up in tattoo form? Even better! Our latest #tattooercrush, Alex Strangler (aka @alexstrangler), has a throwback, cartoonish style that will seriously make you LOL. Scroll on for lots of Simpsons characters, donuts and mystical, Lisa-Frank-inspired creatures. (P.S. How awesome is her crying Kim sweatshirt?)


1. Bart Simpson: This rainbow-trotting Bart-icorn is beyond awesome.


2. Lisa Frank-Inspired: With her bright, colorful and cartoonish style, it’s no wonder Alex’s customers seek her out for Lisa Frank tats.


3. Food-icorn: A majestic unicorn donning not one, but three of our favorite snacks? It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.


4. BFFs: Just a couple of teenage girls living in an angsty and cynical world. Daria + Jane 4EVA.


5. Donut Moon: Donut you love this pretty galaxy-inspired tattoo?


6. Narwhal: This sea creature has to be the most mystical being in the ocean. The pastel hues and heart shape bring it to a whole other cutesy level.


7. Kitty Donut: We are now making it our mission in life to find a kitty-shaped donut to nosh on. Any suggestions?


8. Rocket: Blast off! We love all galaxy tattoos, but this one is especially cute.


9. Matryoshka: Russian doll ink is always a definite yes in our books. This sexy thigh tat is bold, beautiful and bright in all the right ways.


10. Beach Party: With its bright colors, geometric shapes, palm tree and lone flamingo, this ’80s Miami-themed shoulder tat is super on trend.


11. Mini Double Scoop: Tiny tattoos will seriously never get old. This tiny treat is totes adorbs.


12. Pretty Cacti: Cactus thigh tat FTW. The prickly trend is popping up everywhere, so it’s no surprise that Alex has a few adorable ones in her feed.


13. Homer Simpson: Homer + Muumuu = <3


14. Manatee: What a diva! This majestic manatee has undersea glam on lock.


15. Gremlin: Every ’80s kids can appreciate this cute rendition of the furry Gizmo.


16. Puppy + Sweets: Cute puppies and sweets make the world a better place. We can’t think of anything more you need in life, or a tattoo, for that matter.


17. Lisa Simpson: Lisa was (and still is) our favorite intellectual badass. So this Wonder Woman tattoo is totally on point.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @alexstrangler)