Your days of tossing back margaritas with your best friend on a random Tuesday night are already on hold — well, at least the margarita part — and in a few short months your spontaneous social life will be gone for good. Okay, maybe things aren’t quite that dire. But once you give birth, doing just about anything with your bestie will take at least a bit of planning, some strategic pumping, and even a babysitter if you’re flying solo or your partner isn’t available. So before you convert your life into full-on mama mode, check out these must-do activities for you and your BFF!


1. Get artsy. It seems like just about everyone is taking one of those adults-only “pinot and paint” classes. Yes, you’ll have to forgo the bottle of wine part of the evening, but you can pass your glass to your bestie and still enjoy the artistic adventure. Bonus: It will give you some inspo for the years of finger painting that are rapidly approaching.

2. Splurge on a mani-pedi session. Don’t just get your nails done — go for whatever brand-new special-effect, crystalized, blinged-out, crazy-artistic design is all over IG. Being a new mommy doesn’t entirely preclude going to the salon… it’s just that you’ll have to cram a quick appointment into whatever free corner of your schedule you can find. That means nothing fancy, and not much chance to text a friend to meet you for a quickie polish change. So now’s the time to take advantage with a mani for two.

3. See a grown-up movie. No, not that kind of “adult” film. Just be sure your tickets are for something rated R. Pretty soon your movie picks will be limited to mom-matinees of animated animals and other cloying cartoons, so make the most of this pre-baby time by taking your BFF to see the latest action hit, chick flick, foreign drama — anything you’re going to miss that isn’t kid-compatible. Sit in the dark, share a big bucket of popcorn, and enjoy being able to get through two whole hours of grown-up fun without an interruption.

4. Enjoy a deliciously slow restaurant meal. A year from now you’ll be eating almost entirely at home, shoving half a sandwich down your throat before running back to baby. Even when you do get a night out, you’ll barely have a chance to pick up your fork before the sitter calls or you start feeling the inevitable mommy-guilt. But right now you do have time — at least, more than you’ll have in a few months. Kick back with your best friend for a two-hour brunch after sleeping in on a Saturday morning, or go all-out on an extravagant multi-course dinner at the hottest spot for haute cuisine.

5. Get away for the weekend. You might have a babymoon with your honey covered, but what about a bestiemoon? Put together a friends-only mini-trip for some precious time to gab with your BFF before you’re 24/7 baby-baby-baby. If you’re looking for rustic peace and quiet, rent a cabin for a nature-y getaway. If getting back to the basics isn’t your thing, book a sweet suite at a fancy hotel, order room service, schedule a massage, and enjoy not having to make your own bed (or anybody else’s).

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