Behance is like LinkedIn for creative work. From food photography to fine arts, it鈥檚 easy to fall down a rabbit hole browsing all of the amazing projects artists and creatives from all over the world are putting together. The site is quickly becoming our favorite place for a quick jolt of creative inspiration. In just a few clicks, we promise your mind will be swarming with ideas. We鈥檙e counting down the days until we can hear Behance鈥檚 co-founder Scott Belsky speak at Re:Make 2015 (psst, get your tickets here)!

In the meantime, here are 11 of our favorite portfolios on the site right now.


1. Bettina G眉ber: Bettina is a media designer from Krefeld, Germany. Her portraits of flowers are simply breathtaking, but the designer also has lots of humorous photos featuring a plastic dinosaur figurine that are definitely worth checking out. The above photo comes from a series of floral portraits titled 鈥Miss Lisianthus and Friends鈥.


2. Putri Febriana: Putri is a graphic designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her work is whimsical and super playful, but also extremely cool. This particular picture, titled 鈥Summertime,鈥 ended up being printed on a silk scarf, which you can find at her online shop, Swanderful Things.


3. Vanessa Rees: Vanessa is a freelance photographer based in New York City. She鈥檚 photographed everything from food (like this shot from the Protein Nija Cookbook) to still life.


4. Sacha Treager: Sacha is an illustrator from Chicago who uses watercolors to render lifelike portraits of people and botanicals. This one is from a series titled 鈥Eolini,鈥 featuring Korean school children.


5. John Soleas: John is an illustrator and animator based in Toronto, Canada. This one is from a series of animated GIFs titled 鈥Junk鈥 exploring the use of discarded tech. We think there鈥檚 something so fun and industrious about his animations. Can you stop watching this girl jacking up this machine? Didn鈥檛 think so.

hine mizushima

6. Hine Mizushima: Hine is a slow crafter, needle-felter, illustrator and puppet stop-motion video artist. She creates these adorable miniature dioramas and some of her fave subjects are cephalopods. This one, titled 鈥Cephalopod Classroom,鈥 was made in conjunction with one of her good friends, Yuko Higuchi.


7. Tim Tadder: LA-based photographer Tim Tadder is definitely a big deal on Behance. His portfolio has more than two million project views! We love this shot from his 鈥Couture Children鈥 series.


8. Joanne Nam: Joanne Nam is a painter and illustrator from Los Angeles. Her paintings often feature one lone girl at nighttime. All are hauntingly beautiful. This one is an oil painting she did on wood titled 鈥Bruise鈥.


9. Lisk Feng: Lisk is a freelance illustrator and print designer living in New York City. Her work has appeared in various publications and advertisements. We love this animated GIF she created for the New York Times.


10. Jiani Lu: Jiani is a graphic designer and photographer from Toronto. Our favorite is this shot from her 鈥Two Years in 50 Instagram Photos鈥 series. Hard to believe it was captured with an iPhone!


11. Elisa Vendramin: An established graphic designer and illustrator from Milan, Elisa creates pieces that can only be described as stunningly ethereal. This GIF, created for the Watson Design Group in anticipation of Disney鈥檚 2015 Cinderella movie, was meant to reflect the crystals in the glass slipper.

Do you have any awesome portfolios you follow on Behance? Or perhaps you鈥檇 like to share your own? Tell us in the comments below!