As fun as it is to host a game night in, sometimes your squad needs a big night out. Nothing compares to grabbing your best pals and hitting the town — and whether you’re a seasoned veteran at navigating your local bar scene or you just moved to an unfamiliar city, there’s always room for discovering new places and enjoying more memorable evenings with friends. Check out these seven apps that are sure to up your going-out game in no time flat.

skorch app

1. Skorch (free on iOS): If you and your crew are always looking for the trendiest places to hit up, look no further than Skorch. This app uses a heat map to show which spots are the hottest in real time. You can also add your own reviews to influence the most of-the-moment destinations while you’re out. Not an iPhone owner? Not to worry; you can sign up here to find out when Skorch launches on Android.

open table app

2. OpenTable (free on iOS and Android): For squads that consider eating out a crucial part of their nightlife ritual, OpenTable is a must. You can use the app to search local restaurants, view recommendations and reviews, and make a reservation (even at the last minute!) all in one place.

citymapper app

3. Citymapper (free on iOS and Android): Why spend money on cabs when you can spend it on fun? To navigate around any large city like a pro, download Citymapper. The app will calculate the cheapest, fastest way to get from point A to point B using public transportation, cars, and your own two feet. That way, you can be as efficient as possible and won’t waste any valuable time or money.

picolo app

4. Picolo (free on iOS and Android): Sick of beer pong at the pregame? Same. This new drinking game tasks your group with hilarious challenges and games — like going around the room and naming your favorite childhood cartoons rapid-fire until someone loses. You can even play this at the bar to spice up an otherwise dull evening. The best part? This app ensures that fun is never further away than your phone.

nightlife app

5. Nightlife (free on iOS and Android): If you live in a city, you know that going out can be a big ordeal — especially because you have to plan ahead to find the best specials and events. Nightlife is like a deal ninja in your pocket; just input your location, and it will tell you where to go and when to find the biggest deals on drink specials, concerts, events, and more. Your squad (and their wallets) will thank you for it!

huji app

6. HUJI (free on iOS and Android): As fun as it is to document your epic evening on social media, it’s becoming increasingly popular to bring along a disposable camera to capture all the candid moments. One of the benefits of disposable cameras is the unique way that pictures look when taken on them. HUJI fuses the best parts of disposable cameras with the immediacy of an app: Simply take a photo using HUJI, and it will apply a vintage-like filter and date watermark. Your followers will never know the difference! 

postmates app

7. Postmates (free on iOS and Android): Everyone knows that the best grand finale to a big night on the town is FOOD. Perhaps you and your besties plan on stopping at your favorite late-night pizza place or diner — or maybe you’d rather crash on your couch. If you prefer the latter, download Postmates, a service that will deliver your fave cravings straight to your door on the cheap.

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