It’s Saturday, and you have two options: Meet your friend for a delicious eggs Benedict brunch or hang out with your smartphone. If you chose the latter, than welcome to this week’s edition of best apps of the week! We’ve got some goodies for you, including an app that will take all those annoying ads you see and PAY you for looking. There’s also an app that will help you manage your budget and a doodle GIF app that will unleash your inner artist. Take a peep at everything we have for you below.


1. Noisli: Ambient noise is fantastic for tuning out the chatter of people when you’re trying to focus or if you’re trying to catch some Z’s at night — which is why we’re so stoked about Noisli’s Android app release. Not only does it allow you to select from a whole library of nature-inspired noises, but you can also set a timer for how long you’d like the sounds to go on for. Now for a limited time only, the app is 50 percent off for Android.

DL It: $1.99 on iOS and $0.99 on Android


2. Tattoodo: People who love ink will love this. There’s finally a social media app that is completely tattoo-focused. Share your own ink or peruse the artwork of tattoo artists for inspo. Also, if you download the app now, you could win a trip to Miami Beach and get inked by none other than Ami James of Miami Ink. Seriously, what could be better?

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


3. Rentork: It’s hard to click around on a site these days without running into an ad. Oh, and all those sites are also storing and tracking your data too. Yuck. Rentork wants to take all those annoying ads and that use of your data and turn it into money in your pocket. Since all those sites were previously collecting your data for free, you can now “rent” your data to them. When a company wants access to your data, they have to pay for it. Win-win?

DL It: Free on iOS


4. Rawr Messaging: Rawr wants to make messaging with your friends WAY more entertaining by allowing you to create your own little avatars and have them interact with each other as you chat. You can customize your character down to eye color. Plus, the app also has the option to chat with other users around the globe, but like all things on the Internet involving strangers, proceed with caution. This is *better* than Bitmoji.

DL It: Free on iOS


5. Madhat: Unleash your inner artist with Madhat, the app that lets you not only draw on your photos, but also allows you to animate your doodles into GIF-format. Pretty awesome, eh? When you’re done getting creative with your pics, you can share your masterpieces on social media and with your friends. Get drawin’!

DL It: Free on iOS

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