It鈥檚 your favorite time of the week! We鈥檙e not referring to Halloween (though you鈥檙e probably sporting a sweet costume tonight 鈥 post pics!). We鈥檙e talking about best apps of the week time! You鈥檙e going to like what we鈥檝e rounded up here for you. To start us off, it鈥檚 the most popular photo editing app ever: VSCO鈥檚 response to Instagram鈥檚 new GIF-making app Boomerang, DSCO. Naturally, being the brainchild of the VSCO crew, it鈥檚 all kinds of hip. We鈥檝e also got an app in here that鈥檚 going to make you the best networker everrr, a photo app that allows you to add emojis just like Snapchat to your pics and more. Check it all out below!


1. DSCO: DSCO is VSCO鈥檚 brand spankin鈥 new GIF-making app and is already shaping up to be a hit. Cleverly, it鈥檚 pronounced 鈥榙isco鈥 because this app is gonna make you wanna dance. You not only point and shoot to create simple apps, but you can also add the cool filters that VSCO is famous for, to up your GIF-making game. Plus, it鈥檚 easy to share your creations on your various social media platforms or even to VSCO鈥檚 own Grid.

DL It: Free on iOS


2. FullContact: You鈥檙e about to become a total networking whiz with FullContact. Not only does this nifty app allow you to store your contacts, it will sync them across all your devices. Additionally, the app stores up to 5,000 contacts 鈥 do you even know that many people?! The premium paid features are even cooler: the app will search the Internet daily to update the latest news on your contacts, like new jobs, so you鈥檙e always in the loop and the next time you run into a business contact, you don鈥檛 miss a beat.

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3. Emojify: This photo snapping app allows you to access over 1,000 emojis that you can add to your photos and make them even better. It鈥檚 kind of in the same vein as SnapChat with the added benefit that these images aren鈥檛 going to disappear five seconds later. Emoji-up your pics and send them to your pals!

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4. Receipt Donkey: This app is an answered prayer for anyone who ever needs to expense stuff for work or just wants to be on top of their budget and/or taxes. Rather than having to hang on to a lot of loose, crinkled papers, just snap a photo of your receipt and store it in the app. It鈥檒l also store your images up in the cloud. So get organized.

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5. Snap Palette: This awesome new app allows you create palettes from pictures you鈥檙e taking in real time. It鈥檒l even include the color code or HEX if you want it. You are then free to share your palettes with your friends directly from within the app. They also emphasize the app is completely free with no in-app purchases whatsoever. Sounds good to us!

DL It: Free on iOS

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