We know you鈥檙e been waiting for this day because it鈥檚 the first day of your weekend, of course, but also because it鈥檚 best apps of the week time (duh). This week, we鈥檝e got lost of goodies for you, including an app that works like a last- minute reverse-Airbnb where you let hosts know you鈥檒l be in town and they鈥檒l vie for you to stay with them. Also, there鈥檚 an app that takes all the guesswork out of planning a lunchtime get-together with your friends. Check out everything below!


1. Infuse: Think of this app like the VSCO Cam of video 鈥 it basically beautifies your captures so you can impress all your friends. Infuse also has video editing capabilities, so you can clip and edit your video to exactly the length you want it to be. Then easily upload your creation to your social platforms and wait for those likes to roll in.

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2. Morning Reader: The popular tech email newsletter has finally landed in the App Store and Google Play (hooray!). Get all the latest and greatest in the tech world via your smartphone and stay up to date on when that new iPhone is going to come out.

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3. Overnight: Overnight is a brilliant new app that helps you find a place to stay last minute 鈥 and the best part is all you have to do is find the neighborhood you鈥檙e going to be in and broadcast your location, and nearby hosts will alert you for vacancies. No more emailing 20 people only to have them tell you they鈥檙e full.

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4. Luna: If you鈥檝e ever wondered what your baby was trying to tell you, Luna wants to help. It uses transformative technology to try to help you decipher what your child is attempting to communicate, whether it鈥檚 discomfort, hunger or stress. While there鈥檚 no perfect science to it, it certainly is interesting, and possibly very helpful.

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5. Down to Lunch: Getting together with your friends as a grown up can be such a PITA when you have work around each other鈥檚 schedules. Rather than trying to coordinate over a 100+ message-long group chat, Down to Lunch will show you all your friends who are available for lunch at the press of a button. Easy!

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