It’s been a long winter, but it looks like the worst is finally behind us. Through it all, you’ve had your trusty companion smartphone by your side. You should reward yourself and your phone by checking out the absolute best apps of the week. We’ve got some good ones in store for you this Saturday, with a brilliant app that makes sure you’re saving up those hard-earned dollars by transferring money to your savings account for you, another that makes sending large files to your friends a total breeze and more. Check it all out below!


1. Digit: The much-buzzed-about app that was invite-only just a year ago has finally, finally made its official debut in the App Store. After you connect your checking account to the app, Digit will analyze your spending habits and, based on what it learns, securely transfer money you won’t miss automatically into your savings account. Don’t worry — each transfer only ranges between $2 and $17, but that certainly adds up! In time, you’ll be sitting on a nice little nest egg.

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2. Pikazo: Now you can really turn your photos into art with this nifty new app. Pikazo will remix your images into abstract art — and you can even choose which method you’d like to use. Whether it’s impressionist, cubist or another style, your photos will look like absolute masterpieces. And all your friends will be like, “Whoa, where’d you get that wallpaper image from?”

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3. Bundler: If you’ve ever tried transferring files on your phone and run into a size limit problem, Bundler is the app for you. The app zips up multiple files for you (everything from photos to spreadsheets), and all you need to do is swipe up from your Control Center to access the app. Then just send to your friends, family or colleagues. Easy as pie.

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4. Cola: Cola aims to make your social interactions waaaay more efficient. When you’re chatting with your buddies and want to get their opinion on something, or find out what they’re up to, Cola allows you to select from a list of helpful actions. You can show a calendar view of when you can hang out or even send a quick poll. Whew, what a time saver!

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5. Shorts: Here’s the new social media app that’s a little less formal than Instagram but a little more permanent than Snapchat. Shorts allows you to follow your friends’ camera rolls to see what they’re snapping photos of throughout the day. You can even send them hearts and comment on their pics. Shorts will also scan your camera roll each time you open the app to post to your own feed. Don’t worry, before Shorts adds anything, it asks for permission first!

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