Oh boy, the holidays are getting so close you can almost taste it. Hope your present shopping is all finished (check out our gift guides if you need any ideas!). But in the meantime, it’s Saturday and best app of the week time, and we’ve definitely got a few in here that are going to make your season a little more interesting. There is an emoji translation + transcription app that legitimizes emoji as a mode of communication like never before, and even one that will relieve all that holiday stress. Breathe in, breathe out — and keep reading.


1. SpeakEmoji: Someone just declare Emoji a language already. SpeakEmoji is an emoji dictation app. You just speak your emojis and the app will translate it into our fave mini-images, which you can easily send to your pals. Your friends can also translate your emoji texts back into words. It’s like a secret code!

DL It: Free on iOS and Android


2. Koko: Koko is a mindfulness + stress-relieving social media site that allows you to connect with others anonymously to help support and work through each others problems. According to their site, Koko is based on research from the MIT Media Lab and uses an innovative form of crowdsourced cognitive therapy. Can’t wait to get our hands (and minds) on that one.

DL It: Free on iOS


3. Impersonate: This hilarious app is guaranteed to make your friends ROFL. It’s also super easy to use. First, just select the image of the person you want to “impersonate,” then video record yourself/someone saying something and transpose parts of the face onto the image to make your friend “say” silly stuff.

DL It: $1.99 on iOS


4. Reelgood: If you’re tired of sitting through bad flicks, reading reviews from people you trust might just be the solution to your movie problems. Reelgood allows you to review movies and read through your friend’s reviews as well, so you’ll never go to a bad movie again.

DL It: Free on iOS


5. GoTime: GoTime is a traffic alarm clock that allows you to input your destination and set notifications for when traffic conditions are met, like “Let me know when the commute home is less that 24 minutes.” This is a must-download for any commuter.

DL It: Free on iOS

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