Whether you’re at Coachella this weekend (follow along — Brit + Co has a front “row” seat!), grabbing brunch with your besties or just lounging at home, you probably have your smartphone glued to your hand. Make this weekend even better by checking out the best apps of the week. This week we’ve got the brand new, revamped Starbucks app, a TV-show-tracking app for Netflix-lovers and so much more. See all the goodies below!


1. Starbucks: If you love your cup of joe in the morning (or skinny vanilla latte or the new Caramelized Honey Frapp) more than oxygen, then you’ll be ecstatic to hear that the trusty old Starbucks smartphone app has just gotten a serious upgrade. Now you can access Starbucks Rewards directly from your app, which allows you to redeem rewards and even has a shiny new dashboard for you to access all your coffee-related stats like music and offers.

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2. Serist: Binge-queens, unite! This is the the app for everyone who loves a good Netflix and chill night ;) Serist helps you keep track of new episodes on all the shows you’re following, manage your watch history and also add shows to your “To Watch” list so you’ll always be on top of your streaming game.

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3. Banana: Banana is the hilarious app that will crack your friends up. Basically, the app has a massive photo library of public figures, from politicians to YouTubers, and you can record a video that transposes your eyes and mouth onto the image so you can say whatever goofy thing you’d like. No, this isn’t precisely Photoshop, but it certainly is funny.

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4. PeakForm: You always hear how important form is when you’re working out, and this app is here to help. PeakForm has nearly 100 exercises complete with HD videos so your workouts will always be accurate. Plus, the app provides video coaching from athlete, middle distance runner and personal trainer Ian Williamson, who also stars in the workout clips!

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5. Stamp Music Importer: There are so many music streaming platforms these days it can be kind of hard to track down a specific, er, track. That’s where Stamp comes in. The app allows you to transfer your music between your various apps like Apple Music, Spotify and more. Never spend another minute hunting down a song.

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