So you’ve nailed your wakeup routine, including your breakfast and your beauty regimen. Now all that’s left to do when you get to your desk is have that first sip of coffee. But there’s something you could be doing that could make your coffee better — way better. The Best.Morning.Ever.Mug is here to help you achieve java Nirvana.

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The product delivers exactly what its name promises: the best morning ever. For most of us, that means a steaming, flavorful cup of coffee. But Best.Morning.Ever’s research has shown that your coffee actually loses 10-15 degrees of temperature in the first few seconds of the pour — and temperature equals flavor when it comes to joe. Their design, complete with a thermal warming plate, can help change your coffee routine forever.

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The mug has an opening big enough for cleaning and for stirring, and a sipping opening for those of us who are southpaws. Oh, and did we mention the warming plate also will warm your pastry for you? Yes, you read that right. Say hello to hot coffee and a warm pastry, all in one.

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While these mugs won’t be ready in time for the holiday season, you can head over to Kickstarter now to get your preorder for $15. The mugs will ship out by February — you’ll have to wait until then to get this major warm-up in the mornings.

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(Photos via @best.morning.ever)