Giving your skin some TLC is a year-round resolution, but it’s especially important during the change of season from summer to fall. During this time, skin has a tendency to dry out and start looking dull, making that radiant summer glow seem like it’s gone the way of your cutoffs and bikinis (aka long gone ’til next summer). But that doesn’t have to be the case if you exfoliate. Incorporating this one-step move into your daily skincare routine is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing, removing all the bacteria and dead skin cells that can tend to live on the surface of our skin. To them, we say good riddance. To the glow, we say welcome back!


Whether you have acne-prone skin or you’re suffering from typical fall weather symptoms, there’s an exfoliant that can help you bring back the glow. We teamed up with St. Ives to give two of their top face scrubs a test run and used them as the inspiration to create an easy morning routine that makes exfoliating feel way more like a rejuvenating miracle worker. Add to this routine a few quick beauty tips, and you’ll be glowing all fall long.

While it’s always a good idea to consult with your dermatologist to find the root cause of your skin woes, these products are an ideal place to start.

Step 1: 5-Minute Exfoliating Routine


Let’s face it — we all have our moments with blemishes, but some of us may struggle with it more than others. Acne can come from many different sources, but using a daily face scrub like St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub ($4) that’s packed with 100% natural exfoliants, will deep clean and help keep those spots at bay. We also recommend following up with a dermatologist for more severe cases.

If blemishes aren’t your problem but you hate to wake up early and need an energizing moment to help get your day going, then the fresh scent of apricot extract in St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub ($5) is what you need to invigorate you in the morning. Combined with the sensation your skin will have after using the exfoliating formula to bring your dull and dry skin back to its natural radiance, this routine will make you feel like a whole new you every morning. (In tandem with a cup of coffee, of course!)


Apply a quarter-size amount of scrub to the tips of your fingers and gently disperse over your entire face, avoiding the area around your eyes. To cleanse properly, gently scrub your face by making small, circular upward motions all over your face. To remove, you can splash cool water on your face to get off the bulk of the face scrub and then use a wet washcloth to rinse off any residue.

During the colder months, it’s important to moisturize your skin. If you have oily skin, try an acne-assisting moisturizer that has tea tree oil in its base for a more medicinal effect. Apply directly to your skin after using either of the St. Ives scrubs.

Step 2: Must-Try Makeup Hacks to Get Glowing Skin

Now that your skin is hydrated and cleansed, you can ditch your normal makeup routine and stick with either a cream blush or a shimmering highlighter to enhance your glow all day long.

Pop of Color With Cream Blush


Apply the cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and dab some on your eyelids and a little on your lips. One product, three ways and you’re ready to flaunt your glowing skin!

Extra-Luminous Skin With Highlighter


Grab your favorite shimmering highlighter and apply above your cheekbones, on your lips and on the bridge of your nose for an instant enhanced glow.

Now that you are gorgeous and glowing in minutes flat, you can tackle your day with confidence, and have a little more time to do so! You can check out the other products in this line to create a more customized skin regimen here.


What are your favorite fall skincare tips? Share in the comments section below.

This post is a collaboration with St. Ives.

Hair and makeup: Misty Spinney
Photography: Kurt Andre
Modeling: Mariaclara Golfo, Camille Santa Ana Jose