Learning new skills has never been more important, nor has it ever been quite as easy as it is in the age of the internet. There are a plethora of ways you can learn new things online these days, from YouTube videos to podcasts about a whole host of subjects. A structured online class, however, can take it to the next level. These seven classes aren’t necessarily on “conventional” subjects like coding, business management, or marketing, but they’ll help your career prospects in other ways nonetheless. Scroll on to start learning!

Woman taking photo with her smartphone on vacation

1. Phone Photography: Capturing Your Travels (Brit + Co / $29): Always wished you could snap beautiful, professional-quality photos while on vacay, and with your smartphone, no less? Not only will this course teach you HOW to take those envy-inspiring Instagram pics, it’ll also show you the best ways to scout the most photogenic locales for your next big trip. How will this help your career, you may ask? It’s no secret that your social media presence is often a big factor in hiring processes these days — so it can’t hurt to make sure your Insta-game is on-point.

Taking a picture of food to post on Instagram

2. Create a Winning Instagram Strategy (Brit + Co / $39): Speaking of Instagram, this class will teach you how to curate a spot-on feed that can help you boost your reach, engage with new people, and maybe even make some networking connections. You’ll get a crash course in social media strategy and learn how to keep your entire page aligned with your personal brand.

Woman writing in her journal

3. Creative Personal Writing: Write the Real You (Skillshare / $15 for Premium Monthly Membership):Writing is a practical, useful skill that can translate into numerous aspects of your professional life. Plenty of jobs entail writing — even if that writing is limited to emails. This class will teach you how to clearly convey your ideas, experiences, and insights. You’ll be able to put that knowledge to use in your everyday office communications and also take a crack at writing those personal stories from your life that you’ve always wanted to tell.

Woman typing resume

4. CV Success Master Class (Lynda.com from LinkedIn / $30 for Monthly Membership): Speaking of your resume (also known as a curriculum vitae, or CV), why not master the skill of writing one? This class will teach you about the different components of an effective, high-quality resume in order to relay your work experience in a compelling way. When it comes to your job search, writing a strong CV is probably the most important skill to have.

Woman working on her personal finances

5. Personal Finance Tips (Lynda.com from LinkedIn / $30 for Monthly Membership): If you don’t think that personal finance has an impact on your career success, think again. Being in a good place financially will open numerous doors, allowing you to leave a job if it’s not a good fit. This course covers topics such as assessing new job offers, paying off debt, and avoiding bad investments, and it will teach you how to get your finances in order.

Woman painting a canvas

6. Watercolor Lover Bundle (Brit + Co / $87): Bonus! This “class” isn’t just one class, but a set of three courses (Intro to Watercolor Painting, Watercolor Lettering + Illustration, and Watercolor Painting + Digitization) that will teach you to paint beautiful watercolor pieces. And this art form is about more than just the finished product; it’s also an amazing way to chill out and practice self-care. Creative pursuits like watercoloring can help reduce stress, making you more productive (and peaceful) in the long run.

Group of friends from different cultures

7. Global Citizenship — Your Path to the Globalized World (Udemy / $20): The broadest class on our list, this one teaches you how to be an effective, responsible member of the global community, which should be something everyone tackles. This course will teach you how to be a more engaged citizen and value the perspectives of others, which will enable you to connect with people in meaningful ways and become more knowledgeable about the world around you.

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