How awesome would it be if picking up a new skill was as easy as online shopping? We haven鈥檛 quite figured that out yet, but until then, finding a unique gift can be that easy! We鈥檙e talking about the dozens (and counting) of online classes in the B+C Shop. For your holiday shopping, don鈥檛 hit up the generic gift aisle just yet.

We find talented makers, designers and bloggers from all over to teach. Your lucky gift-ee can download and complete the class at their own pace, so it鈥檚 gifting without the guesswork. And if you want them to have something to unwrap, you can bundle the kit with the class. We鈥檒l even give you a discount for it! Read on for some examples and check them all out.

Unique Gifts for the Blogger

Photography ($29): Phase one for creating stunning blog/website/Instagram photos! Covers the basics of lighting, composition and styling with the blogger behind Pinch of Yum.


Adobe Lightroom ($39): This might be just what your beloved photo wrangler needs to take her photography from good to 鈥淒id you seriously take this?鈥 Students learn how to easily edit photos in Lightroom, the software used by the pros.


CSS + HTML Coding ($39): Not only is coding a super fun way to build a blog, but it鈥檚 also a useful skill to have under your belt and on your resume.

Unique Gifts for the Hostess


Cake Decorating ($19 class / $101 class + kit): Know someone who鈥檚 yet to miss an episode of Cake Boss? Get her to do a lil鈥 fondant fashioning of her own, and let her know that you expect evidence ;)


Succulent Gardening ($19): Get a little dirt on your hands and spruce up your living space with a succulent box that sorta kinda defies gravity. Intrigued? Find out more.


Paper Flowers ($19 class / $66 class + kit): You think origami鈥檚 cool? How about dahlias and peonies that never wilt? The paper flowers you learn to make in this class make a great table centerpiece or DIY wedding decor.

Unique Gifts for the Seamstress


Leatherworking ($19 class / $75 class + kit): Included in this gift: the makings of a hand-tooled leather catch-all tray PLUS the skills needed to make those gorgeous leather bags like you see at Madewell and Frye.


Embroidery ($19 class / $29 class + kit): Stitching is a handy skill to have, and even better when used to transfer words and designs onto fabric. Learn to embroider with the freedom to do your own thing, whether that鈥檚 initials, Leslie Knope-isms or 2 Chainz lyrics.


Knitting for Beginners ($19 class / $70 class + kit): Ready to chunk things up? If you like the thought of knitting your own scarves, sweaters, pillows and bags, this class is for you. Plus, you鈥檒l be joining the Wool & the Gang knitting circle, which includes the likes of Jemima Kirke (HBO鈥檚 Girls) and Cara Delevingne.

Unique Gifts for the Artist


Custom Stationery ($19 class / $80 class + kit): There鈥檚 nothing like an old-fashioned letter. The stationery junkie in your life will be delighted to know how to make her own.


Calligraphy 101 ($29 class / $76 class + kit): It鈥檚 easy to see why this is our most popular class. Make hand-drawn placecards for dinner parties, class up your stationery or start a line of wedding invitations. What can鈥檛 you do with calligraphy skills? Calligraphy 201 is also available for those looking to advance their skills.


Brush Calligraphy ($29 class / $37 class + kit): If you鈥檙e having a hard time deciding between our Watercolor and Calligraphy classes, this might just be your answer. This class teaches you calligraphy using brush strokes rather than pen and ink. You鈥檒l get a totally different look, and it鈥檚 always fun to play around with different styles and techniques, right?


Watercolor Painting ($19 class / $117 class + kit): What better way to break into the world of watercolor than with a floral arrangement? Inspire the artist inside.

Any of our classes on your wishlist? Tell us!