Long gone are the days of 40-year tenures at companies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, the median amount of time an American had been with their employer was just over four years, a decrease from the past. As people, particularly millennial women, get burnt out at their jobs and begin bouncing from company to company, it becomes increasingly important that everyone knows how to do what was once reserved almost exclusively for recent college grads: Search for a job. Thankfully, technology has made this task easier than ever with websites such as LinkedIn, but now apps are aiding the process too. The career of your dreams could very well be one app store visit away; here are the five to download first.

switch app

1. Switch (free on Android and iOS): Let’s be real: Job interviews are essentially formal first dates, so it makes sense to conflate the two. Switch has been referred to as “Tinder for jobs” with its swipe feature and easy-to-navigate interface. Both applicants and employees sort through postings (the applicants are anonymous, however), and if you and an employer both swipe right on each other, you’re put in direct contact. Applicants’ profiles are simply created through pulled content from their LinkedIn accounts. So long, time-consuming cover letters; hello, employment!

snag app

2. Snag (free on Android and iOS): Whether you’re seeking a side hustle or just sick of the downsides of full-time jobs, Snag, formerly Snagajob, is the app for you. Snag exclusively features hourly jobs and boasts 80 million registered hourly workers and 300,000 employer locations. With jobs that span from the retail to healthcare industries, Snag allows users to filter their search by schedule (e.g., seasonal, temporary, etc.), industry, position, company, and location. As with most other sites, many of Snag’s listings can be applied for with a few taps of the finger, but others require a more thorough process.

linkup app

3. LinkUp (free on iOS): This one does exactly what its name promises: It links you up with little-known job listings. LinkUp lists jobs that appear solely on company websites, so unlike other job-search powerhouses like Indeed, which rely on job postings being provided to them by employers, this app gives you access to jobs that aren’t being widely promoted. LinkUp also promises that there are no old, outdated listings; duplicate postings; or scams. Updated daily, the app features over two million jobs from 30,000 company websites, so there are a ton of high-quality postings at your fingertips.

glassdoor app

4. Glassdoor (free on Android and iOS): Glassdoor is already a go-to for most working professionals, but it’s that much better when you can access it in the palm of your hand. The site is able to consistently set itself apart based on the wealth of information it provides its users, including company reviews by current or former employees, salary data, common interview questions, and more. If you’re into over-preparedness, opt for Glassdoor because job listings are only the beginning on this app.

goodandco app

5. Good&Co (free on Android and iOS): Myers-Briggs buffs, look no further. Good&Co’s workplace happiness app allows users to take a series of fun and informative personality tests that help people understand their skills and strengths. With this advice and insight, job applicants will then have the knowledge necessary to find employers with whom they’d be a good personality and culture fit. All of the quizzes are rooted in psychology, psychometrics, and neuroscience, so you know they mean business when it comes to business.

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