If your dreams of writing the next bestseller haven’t yet come true, perhaps you could do with some one-on-one coaching from one of the greatest novelists of our time. You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t have that kind of dough!” But don’t worry: This writing coach offers his services for free.


Innovative developers Adam and Ben Long have brought Ernest Hemingway back to life through the Hemingway Editor. This language and syntax editor will not only turn the most shabby prose into Hemingway’s elegant, economical style, but will also make you look like a literary genius.

The mission of the Hemingway Editor is to allow your writing to emulate the bold, clear and concise style of Hemingway himself. All you have to do is paste your words into the Hemingway Editor interface and wait for the editor to provide you with a list of grammar and syntax suggestions to improve your writing.


Don’t take it too personally when the Hemingway Editor marks up your text in five different colors. Yellow highlights show you text that is overly long or complex and should be shortened. Red represents text that meanders or splits logic, while purple represents words or phrases that should be simplified. Blue text represents adverbs: the fewer, the better. Lastly, green text shows you where to use the active voice. When you have finished editing the text, the markup will vanish, and you will have a snappy, poetic piece of prose that would score an A+ with Hemingway.


The Hemingway Editor is a completely free application. With its wide selection of markup tools, this editor is good enough to serve as your everyday word processing tool. When you put your browser in full-screen mode, the editor can double as a distraction-free writing tool that transports you to the writing desk of Hemingway and gives you control of the pen.

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