Whether you’re planning on spending the summer by the pool, or need to pass the time *wishing* you were, here are six podcasts to make our favorite season even more enjoyable. From stories that bring you back to your high-school days to interviews with some of the most driven ladies in their fields, these fresh finds will keep you fully entertained for the long, hot days to come (even if you’re one of the lucky ones laying by the water). Scroll below to start syncing them to your list ASAP.


For the Girl Boss

1. Second Life: For any gal looking to boost her cred in the workforce, this show is worth a listen. It’s moderated by Clique Media Group co-founder Hillary Kerr and features inspiring guests across a variety of industries. The impressive lineup includes women like This Is Us‘s Mandy Moore and OUAI Haircare founder Jen Atkin, all in a compelling Q&A format similar to Sophia Amoruso’s Girlboss Radio. Let’s just say that after one listen, you’ll be wanting to spend your #SummerFridays finally giving that side hustle a go.

For the Mindful Gal

2. Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes: Ban.do founder Jen Gotch just released a new podcast about one of the buzziest health topics RN — mental health. Before you shy away from a show dedicated to a seemingly touchy topic, know that this isn’t a clinical, MD-focused show. Instead, it’s an honest, heartwarming, even funny (at times) conversation from the point of view of a successful lady overcoming her own struggles.

For the Film Buff

3. The Rewatchables: Longer days = more time to catch up on movies, right? If you’re hoping to spend the next few months enjoying your favorite flicks, tune in here. This roundtable-style series takes a deep dive into a new movie every episode, including classics from 10 Things I Hate About You to The Princess Bride. While the film critics leading the show are v. knowledgeable about every movie, the down-to-earth way they talk about them makes you feel like you’re discussing all your favorite quotes, scenes, and moments with your BFFs. So grab a bowl of popcorn and tune in.

For the Laughter Lover

4. The Mortified Podcast: Remember that awkward first date? Yeah, so do all of the listeners of this podcast. A compilation of people telling strangers their most mortifying moments, this show gets that sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned — but also knows that that’s where the humor lies. Be ready for some beachside belly laughs when you listen to this one. (If you want to actually see real people reading their stories, there’s also the related Netflix series, The Mortified Guide.)

For the Foodie

5. The Dave Chang Show: LA-based chef, culinary king, and creator and host of Netflix’s new foodie show Ugly Delicious is taking his next venture to the recording booth. This podcast has interviews covering a wide variety of topics like sports (with Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim) to culture (the #MeToo campaign) and will leave you feeling more inspired, educated, and entertained than you did before giving it a listen. Oh, and for those of you tuning in strictly for the good eats, don’t worry — most of these topics intersect with food.

For the ’90s-Obsessed

6. Dear 1995: Have you ever wondered what people actually wrote in their Lisa Frank diaries? (Us too!) Here’s your chance to get the entire dishy scoop. Host Gwen Bueno de Mesquita, alongside her co-host Brooke Le Poer Trench, gives listeners an unedited take on *all* the juicy details from her high school diary, circa 1995. Expect this tell-all to include lots of Friends references, throwback songs, prom drama, and grungy fashion callouts. It’s guaranteed to become your new listening crush, circa summer ’18.

For the Healthy minded

7. Almost 30: Hosts Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik talk about all things health and wellness, but they also get real about all the questions and doubts that 20-somethings face. They talk to a number of experts such as entrepreneurs, nutritionists, life coaches, and more to help anyone navigate their 20s, 30s, and major life transitions. Each episode will make you laugh and think, “Same.”

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