There’s no denying it: Our pets are legit members of our families. Some of us may go so far as to describe them as our “fur babies.” We feed them, clean them, and take care of their every need. But most of all, we love them unconditionally. For those of us who would rather stay in cuddling with our dog, cat, bunny, hamster, or bird than do practically anything else, there are lots of products out there for us, our homes, and our beloved animals that will only feed our pet obsession even more. Keep scrolling to see what they are.

1. Chuckit! Whistler Balls ($11): These are not your everyday tennis balls. The durable toys whistle when you throw them, making them irresistible to your pup. Get ready for hours of tail-wagging fun.

2. Delomo Pet Hair Remover Glove ($9): Finally, brushing your pet is as rewarding and relaxing as a cuddle sesh. Slip on these gloves and simply pet away those hairballs. As if we needed an excuse to spend even more time petting our dogs and cats.

3. Kuoser Cozy Plaid Dog Vest ($17): Admit it, you can’t imagine any dog looking more handsome in this vest than your own precious baby. While they may not think much about the stylish plaid, they’ll certainly appreciate the extra warmth when fall and winter roll around. Plus, we *know* you’re dying to try it on them.

4. SIY T-Shirt “Ask Me About My Cats” Sweatshirt ($24+): We all know at least one cat mom or cat dad who cannot stop talking about the crazy antics their feline got into recently (or maybe that person is you?). Let them know that you appreciate their — and their cat’s — quirks.

5. The Cheeky Doormat “Bark! Who Goes There?” Doormat ($44): This doormat is a little friendlier than an ominous “Beware of dog” sign. Your loving pup’s bark is worse than his bite, and this mat lets people know that your home is a dog person’s home — but a nice one.

6. Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys ($20): Nothing beats the feeling of giving your dog their new favorite toy. This stimulating hide-and-seek game will keep them entertained all day. Be sure to take out your phone to snap some excellent Instagrams.

7. Uncommon Goods DJ Cat Scratching Pad ($35): Your cat isn’t exactly Grandmaster Flash, but at least you can pretend they’re spinning in the club with this inventive scratcher.

8. Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen ($10): A sure sign of the pet-obsessed: an at-home doggie spa. Only the most die-hard of dog moms will do their canine’s nails, but this handy polish pen makes it a bit easier (and it’s less toxic than regular polish). Hey, your dog needs a spa day just like you.

9. FurryFido Pet Sling ($23): If there’s one thing true pet lovers always do, it’s finding a way to take their pets with them everywhere. Small pets can easily be carted around in this comfortable sling, so you’ll never be without your little fur baby.

10. Rosewood Pet Rainbow Play Bridge ($10): Not all pet fanatics are dog and cat parents. Your hamster is obviously so bored of that tired old hamster wheel; treat them to a whimsical addition to their playground with this rainbow bridge.

11. Cool T-Shirts Shop “Sorry I Can’t I Have Plans With My Bird” Shirt ($20): Birds are quite intelligent creatures, sometimes to the point where they’re all the company you need. Settle in for an evening of lively squawks and a feast of seeds while wearing this comfy tee.

12. Mr. Paws Co. Pet Photo Pillow ($81): This custom pillow pays tribute to the most important animal in your life by transforming your favorite photo into a huge, huggable pillow. You know, just in case your real pet isn’t in a cuddling mood.

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