You’ll Never Guess What Star Just Joined Instagram
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You’ll Never Guess What Star Just Joined Instagram

There’s plenty of reasons for celebs to join social media, one of the biggest is to offer BTS moments into their fab lives attending galas + award shows — or, you know… just so they can, um, relate to their fans. The latest superstar to join everyone snapping away on Instagram must have been influenced by her old co-star in The Proposal Ryan Reynolds. That’s right, Betty White just launched her very own selfie-ready account. You better believe we’re already following + waiting for a new Betty hashtagged shot.

To celebrate the series finale of her TV Land comedy Hot In Cleveland the 93-years-young actress shared a celebratory shot with her castmates on @bettymwhite. She captioned the moment: “For my first Instagram post I wanted to say how much I love these girls dearly. What a great time we had. #HOTFinale #ThanksForTheLaughs.” No, Betty, thank YOU for the laughs.

Not to be outdone in the cast affection department, Betty’s co-stars Jane Leeves + Valerie Bertinelli also posted sweet moments from the cast’s final days together. All these sweet shots make us want to binge the sitcom from the beginning.

Already a Twitter fave with more than 1.2 million followers we’ve got our fingers crossed the tech savvy golden girl will be letting us into her world a little further by sharing her love of animals and some insider Emmy Awards snaps in a few months. Now Betty, follow us back we’ll be sure to thank you for being a friend. <3

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(Photos via Larry Busacca/Getty, @bettymwhite, @officialjaneleeves + @wolfiesmom)