Can you believe that the Golden Girls‘ series finale happened 23 years ago?! Ever since we discovered this legendary sitcom, we’ve been hooked — seriously though, we could listen to Rose’s St. Olaf stories all day. So this May 9, we’ll be celebrating our four favorite Miami ladies with some cheesecake, Sperhüven Krispies and these amazing Golden Girls goodies!

1. Golden Girls Tote ($24): If you’re heading out to the market to pick up some vegetables (or cheesecake), this tote is a must.

2. Golden Girls Field Guide Card ($4): Any Golden Girls enthusiast would appreciate this card — it features all four of our favorite ladies, and in the center of everything — a cheesecake, of course.

3. Blanche Devereaux Is My Spirit Animal Tee ($14): Whether she’s your favorite Golden Girl or not, you have to admire Blanche’s confidence. And if your spirit animal resides elsewhere, not to worry — this tee is also available for Rose, Dorothy and Sophia.

4. Golden Girls Cupcake Toppers ($6): These amazing cupcake toppers would be perfect for a GG-watching sesh, birthday party or even a Hunk-a Hunk-a Burnin’ Love Fan Club meeting!

5. Golden Girls Activity Book ($5): This activity book contains puzzles and word searches for the ultimate GG fans, from Rose’s Scandinavian words to a connect-the-dots portrait of Dorothy. If only they had activity books like this at Shady Pines…

6. Golden Girls Pet Bandana ($6): Bring Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia to the dog park with this adorable pet bandana. We love that it comes in multiple sizes, from extra small to Dreyfuss.

7. Golden Girls Pinback Button Set ($8): Chances are, you and your friends have probably labeled each other with your Golden Girl personalities. Now you can proudly display your kindred spirit with these pinback buttons. (We’ll go with the cheesecake button, please.)

8. A Dozen Rose Nylunds Greeting Card ($6): Everyone could use a dozen roses, but a dozen Rose Nylunds are infinitely better. We only wish it came with pre-recorded St. Olaf stories.

9. Golden Girls Christmas Tree Star ($35): We love quirky holiday decorations, so this Golden Girls Christmas tree star is our dream come true.

10. Stay Golden Tee ($19): This tee is perfect for those late-night marathons with the Girls. Don’t forget the popcorn!

11. Golden Girls Cross Stitch Chart ($4): Inspired by Rose’s ill-fated trip to the Get It While It’s Hot Erotic Bake Shop prior to her cousin Sven’s visit to Miami, this original cross stitch design features the state of Florida, along with the text of Rose’s infamous quote as she attempted to explain the oh-so-suggestive cake inside the box.

12. Golden Girls House Papercraft ($13): Want to make your very own Golden Girls house? This amazing paper craft features the infamous living room (complete with wicker furniture!) and the kitchen with plates of cheesecake ready and waiting. It also contains some pretty awesome gems, like Sophia’s purse and Rose’s deck of cards.

13. Golden Girls Prayer Candles, Set of 4 ($59): Let’s be honest: We’ve probably all wanted Dorothy’s wit, Rose’s optimism, Sophia’s dry sense of humor and Blanche’s confidence at one time or another. These four prayer candles serve as a perfect reminder to channel our inner golden girl in times of need. And if you need one candle a little more than another, they’re also available individually.

14. Golden Grrrls Ramones Tee ($23): Do you love the Golden Girls and punk rock? This shirt should be right up your alley. We’re still giggling over Sophia’s wicker purse featured front and center.

15. Rose Nylund Greeting Card ($4): We love this sweet card featuring our favorite Minnesotan Golden Girl. This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just to send to your Bachelor-obsessed friend!

16. Stay Golden Necklace ($35): While this isn’t exactly Golden Girls-themed, it’s an excellent reminder to be optimistic and look on the brighter side. We think the eternal optimist Rose would agree.

Which Golden Girl item is your favorite? Any amazing items that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.