Beyoncé shut Coachella DOWN this weekend with a history-making headlining performance that consisted of no less than 26 songs and guest appearances from hubby JAY-Z, sister Solange, and yes, even Destiny’s Child. But even with so much going on, eagle-eye fans caught what might have been the most jaw-dropping show element of all: her nail polish.

When the “Walk on Water” crooner hit the stage in a yellow crop top and coordinating bodysuit, denim cutoffs, and shimmery white fringe boots, she was wearing an unmistakably dark shade on her digits, which she showed off while taking a seat on her stage stairs and spreading her hands out over her knee.

In separate photos shared to Bey’s Instagram page that appeared to be from the same performance, however, the singer was seen wearing a different shade entirely — more of a silverish green hue. That would mean that somehow, some way, during her two-hour long set, the mother of three managed to change her freakin’ nail color!

Twitter, for one, was bowled over.

But how exactly did she pull off such sorcery?! Well, as BuzzFeed pointed out, there’s actually a logical explanation. The photos posted to the 36-year-old’s account, though strikingly similar to the ones from her performance, aren’t actually from her performance at all: They’re from her dress rehearsal.

Closer examination revealed that some of the pics with the silver polish were actually posted before she ever even hit the stage. The crowd is also tellingly absent from the Insta pics, further pointing to rehearsal shots. Video of the actual performance, meanwhile, reveals that by the night’s end, she was indeed still rocking black-painted digits.

Still… if anyone figures out HOW to swap their nail hue mid-set, we have no doubt it will indeed be Beyoncé.

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(Photos via Kevin Winter/Getty)