In our quest to #BeLikeBey, we’ve DIYed her most fabulous outfits to a T (both off andon screen), joined Team Vegan for 22 pretty darn delicious days and mastered her fierce Met Gala high pony, and now we’re all about her flawless, windswept curls. Often seen on the red carpet, the queen’s curls demand attention, and now so will yours! Follow these easy steps to getting hair that’s always worthy of an Instagram share and a dance… or two.


Get your playlist on; an epic hair flip is in your near future :)

PREP: A Base for the Curls


Start with your hair as-is — just prime it with a volume-setting hairspray to create and hold your curls. This Got2b Sexy Volume Hairspray ($9) is great for doing just that!

STEP 1: Curl It Up


Begin curling a 2-in section of hair with a large-barrel curling iron. Remember to curl your hair in a backwards motion. To get curls like Beyonce’s concert or red carpet hair, you’ll want to add curl and bend to your ends (instead of leaving them like you would for beach hair). We’re going for volume, so think springy curls here.


See! Bey would approve of this bounce.

STEP 2: SET Your Curls


Grab your curl with your hand and twist your curl back up until it reaches your head (in a backwards motion). Pin your curl into place with bobby pins to let it cool and so that it sets in its bouncy place.

Step 3: Repeat All Over Your Head


Continue curling individual sections of hair until you’ve completed one entire side.


Complete the other side and set all of your hair with hairspray.



Once the curls have cooled, remove the pins from your hair and loosen your curls in true Bey fashion by flipping your hair back and forth. Seriously.


If need be, loosen some areas with a wide bristle brush or just sing into your brush like the diva you are!


We didn’t use a brush on the hair for this tutorial. We kept things naturally windswept by flipping the hair left to right and setting it with hairspray (always in the direction we wanted it to lay), because we felt like that was in true #wokeuplikethis spirit :)


So get ready to show off your best dance moves — your hair is ready for lights, camera, action!


Which celebs give you the most hair envy? Show us your best hair moves on Insta by tagging us and sharing the tips you’ve learned here.

Hair by Maritza Buelvas
Modeling by Juliana Lai
Photography by Cassandra Eldridge