As we go from dorm dwellers to grown-ups we have to make some pivotal lifestyle changes. We have to step up from plasticware to glassware, get some fancy throw pillows and add vegetables to our mac and cheese. We also have to invest in some killer sound equipment. It’s time to stop rocking out to Beyoncé from your modest, built-in laptop speakers and invest in some sound devices worthy of your media and your decor. Here are 11 ideas to set you down the road to a stylish house of sound.

1. Libratone Loop ($500): Danish design studio Libratone is bringing us Loop, an adorable wireless speaker that can sit on your shelf or be mounted on a wall. The speaker uses what’s called FullRoom technology to disperse sound throughout your entire space in the same fashion that an acoustic instrument would send sound an entire 365 degrees. What’s more? You can change the color of the wool cover to blend in or stand out in your room.

2. Ceramic Speakers ($495): If you haven’t yet been acquainted with Joey Roth’s ceramic speakers, we’re so glad to be the ones to introduce you. These speakers are crafted from porcelain, cork, Baltic birch and glazed to perfection.

3. The Copenhagen: Let’s turn back the clock a bit. The folks at Vifa in Denmark are old pros at sound and with their newest piece, The Copenhagen, they’re rocking a look that’s oh-so-vintage and oh-so-techy. We love how portable this speaker is, and the gorgeous hues it comes in. The only hard part is picking a color.

4. Edifier ($299): This statuesque pair is definitely on point. The Spinnaker system by Edifier is striking even before the sound comes out. It’s Bluetooth-enabled and great for your TV or desktop.

5. O. Sound ($577): If you’re tight on space, move your sound to the wall. O.Sound is a speaker that hangs like minimalist art. You can adjust the volume and skip tracks all with a wave of your hand. Your friends will think you have magic powers and stellar taste.

6. MJBTS-1 ($88): Muji’s MJBTS-1 wall-mounted Bluetooth speaker is all about function, and doesn’t skimp on form either. It can be fully operated from your smartphone and has AM/FM capabilities. But one of our favorite features is that to turn it off and on, you pull the cord at the base. It may not be as futuristic as motion sensors, but sometimes we’re suckers for hands-on tech.

7. Transparent Speaker ($800): This system blends in anywhere, because get this: It’s invisible. Well, kind of. The project was funded a year ago on Kickstarter because people loved the sustainable design, and so do we. Getting to see the guts of our sound is like a dream come true.

8. Timber: Industrial design student, Casey Lin took a wooden box and two glass vessels and created the most statement-making speaker system we’ve ever seen. Just plug your device into the back and jam out. Fancy yourself an audiophile? You can even move the vessels around to alter the timbre of the sound!

9. Aerobull ($1400): We’re fans of all things French. Especially this French bulldog that’s actually a speaker. Aerobull is sure to be a conversation starter ideal for anyone in need of a little quirk in their decor. This little guy offers hi-def sound sans shedding.

10. Timbre: These stainless steel speakers are simply stunning, inside and out. From within the alder and steel frame, sound is delivered through the entire metal face creating an altogether, full sound experience. These elegant lovelies are certainly something special.

11. iPhone Gramophone ($249): New technology meets old technology in this clever spin on an invention from Mr. Thomas Edison himself. Just put your phone in the wooden dock, and hear the sound boom out of the gramophone at a much louder volume. You don’t even need electricity, because — science.

Are you ready to step up your sound game? Let us know in the comments!