Ever had a moment when you looked down, complimented yourself on your nice outfit, then realized you still had a hair tie on your wrist? If you鈥檙e like me, the hair tie never actually even *leaves* your wrist鈥 day or night. (Yes, I sleep with one on. Who knows when you might need to toss that mane up into a pony at 3am?)

From the gym to the office, or the office to the gym, hair bands are a necessity for the girl on the go. But these little guys go through a lot of wear and tear hair, and aren鈥檛 the most professional thing to sport in a meeting. Fortunately, we found the ultimate accessory game changer.

Meet the brilliant bracelet + hair tie combo: BitterSweet. You guys, I鈥檓 OBSESSED.


Started by a husband-wife duo, BitterSweet tackles the eyesore problem of hair ties while creating a functional bracelet. Say goodbye to elastic indentations on your wrist and hello to your new statement piece.


The best part? I NEVER take my bracelet off. Going on a run, soaking in the tub or holding meetings at the office, I no longer have to be conscious about an ugly elastic band on my wrist.


The story behind the brand is even better. Shireen鈥檚 engineer husband designed the bracelet as a gift when he noticed his wife鈥檚 habit and necessity for hair bands. The simple and stylish design worked perfectly, and today, these hair ties are solving the most common beauty etiquette dilemma that we women face daily. Hey rubber bands may be a minor worry, but a little gold arm candy never hurt ;)

What are your thoughts on BitterSweet鈥檚 chic bracelet? Let us know in the comments below.