Cards Against Humanity literally just gave us a brand-new designer pack, which is super cool + all but there’s something *way* more exciting coming from the crazy card co. That would be a seemingly-transformative fulfillment company from CAH’s creators that’s aiming to totally improve the way makers ship + sell their items. Meet Blackbox.

According to the Blackbox site, it’s “a boring new business company from the creators of Cards Against Humanity.” But from the subtle tease the website offers it appears to be super promising + should be described as anything but boring. Launching next year, Blackbox will help makers selling their products + anyone needing to ship something get it out the door and to its destination for a fraction of the cost and effort that the mind-numbing task takes when doing it yourself. The site promises shipping will be fast, cheaper (because Blackbox pays your sales tax) and personalized through customized packaging + inserts.

The mission behind Blackbox is giving us plenty of feels about never having to enter a post office again. As they say: “We think the future is going to favor independent creators selling their own products directly to fans, without publishers or other bloodsucking middlemen taking most of the money. In fact, we’re betting the company on it.” Okay, who isn’t dreaming of a future where we sing T.Swift’s breakup anthem to those long lines and never see them again?!

While there’s little details about pricing rundowns, various delivery dates and exactly what sizes + weights you’ll be able to ship — and most importantly, what those boxes will look like (will it be a black box literally?!) — at the moment, Blackbox does give us hope the world of shipping will get a massive upgrade in the foreseeable future.

Does Blackbox sound like a company you would use for selling + shipping items in the future? Let us know in the comments.