I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who has never lost a sock. Even worse is putting on socks that seem to match at first and later realizing that they aren’t actually a pair. Oops. While one solution is to just wear flip-flops constantly, it’s not exactly a viable option in most climates. So what’s a tech-savvy person to do? Well, a new company Blacksocks has an app for that.

This high-end sock brand has recently come out with a set of products called “Smarter Socks,” intending to solve all our sock woes with an app, a sorter, and socks with built-in chips, called Plus+ (not to be confused with Google’s social network).

The starter kit (currently retailing for $189) contains 10 pairs of socks with Plus+ and the Sock Sorter. Once you’ve purchased this kit, the chips will track various things about your socks: how many times you’ve washed them, which foot they belong on and an ID number which will help the sorter determine its proper match. Every time you do laundry, simply scan your socks with the Sorter, and it will tell you which socks should go together.

Have your black socks seen better days? Are they starting to look a little grey? The Blacksocks app has a blackometer to determine if the current hue of your socks are still looking crisp and snazzy. This works even if you don’t purchase the starter kit because you can use it with whatever black socks you already own.

I gotta admit, I’ve never thought about socks quite this much. It blows me away that such a product actually exists. The company must have done research that proves there’s a demand for this. What do you think? Is this one of those gadgets that makes a mountain out of a molehill or do you think it would be helpful for sorting socks more efficiently? Talk to me in the comments below.