Be still, our teenage hearts. It looks like the friendship to end all friendships was actually not just written for a script. We were pretty stoked when Blake Lively’s baby name was officially revealed (it’s definitely James by the way), but this breaking news might be the most exciting yet. James has not one, but three godmothers – and they’re all Blake’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-stars. Sorry, Leighton Meester. You can be the cool aunt.

The news was confirmed by Amber Tamblyn when she visited VH1’s Morning Buzz Live. Host, Nick Lachey asked her “You’re still very close with your…costars and the three of you are godmothers to Blake Lively’s baby — is that a fact?” Tamblyn responded with, “Yes, that is a fact.”

Aside from the sheer magic that this Hollywood friendship is in fact, real, we’re also super into Blake and Ryan’s decision to choose close friends over a couple. You might remember a few weeks ago when Jaime King pulled a similar move by selecting Taylor Swift as her second baby’s godmother. Now we’re just going to twiddle our thumbs patiently until the rest of these ladies have babies and we get to watch the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants play out IRL.

**UPDATE (4/13): It looks as though Amber Tamblyn was actually just punking us all. In a recent press interview for her new movie she revealed that her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-stars are not in fact her daughter’s godmothers. She told the E! News, “I would call them more fairy godmothers because I never named them my godmothers.” She goes on to say that if something tragic happened to her it would be her sister who would look after baby James. Looks like Amber, America and Alexis will have to settle for showing up unexpectedly and outfitting the kiddo in a magical ball gown come her first prom.

Do you know of any other awesome celeb godparents? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @amberrosetamblyn and Scott Gries/Getty)