No matter who you are, when you’re totally smitten, there’s one thing we all do: Find every opportunity to let the world know how in love you are. You can tweet about it, post it on Facebook, write it in the sky — but for some of us, like our girl Blake Lively, the best way to wear your heart on your sleeve is to go the old-school route, with some jewelry. In a recent sit-down interview with the LA Times, Blake Lively was spotted wearing an understated gold necklace sporting her new baby’s name, designed by Erica Courtney.


She’s the latest parent, famous or not, to engage in the trend of sporting her child’s name around her neck. With so many styles and designers, you can pick one that reflects both you and your child. Here are some other necklace ideas from celebs in case you’re looking for your own. (Photo via E Entertainment)


Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been spotted all around Chelsea wearing this Merci Maman necklace ($134). It’s three charms hanging from a gold plated chain; a mini heart engraved with a ‘W’ to signify Prince William, a disc with son George’s full name (George Alexander Louis) and a little boy charm. Pippa, the Duchess’s sister, is a frequent shopper of this brand, which prompted the designer to send her the necklace as a gift for Kate. (Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty)


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow wears a necklace in honor of her children created by Anna Bee Jewelry ($114). The British jewelry maker crafted the pair of “lotus” gold rectangular pendants, one for each of her children, Apple and Moses. All of Anna Bee’s designs are handmade, perfect for the GOOP mother. (Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty)


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron keeps things simple with her Dalla Nonna necklace ($240). The delicate “J” initial in yellow gold is in honor of Theron’s adopted son, Jackson. (Photo via Michael Kovac/Getty)


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes shares her love for daughter Suri with a necklace designed by Jennifer Meyer ($1,800). Meyer is the wife of actor Tobey Maguire and a parent herself, so she knows what celeb moms want. She offers the necklace in rose, white and yellow gold, with Holmes sporting the yellow gold diamond pendant with the letter S engraved on it. (Photo via Laura Cavanaugh / Getty)


Kim Kardashian

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves her daughter North, and she celebrates that with her own little gold chain. Debuting the jewelry during Paris Fashion Week, Kardashian’s necklace features a nameplate with her daughter’s nickname “Nori” on it. We found a lookalike that can be engraved with any name for around $35. (Photo via Jamie McCarthy / Getty)


Kourtney Karadashian

And speaking of Kardashians, Kourtney wears a necklace honoring her own children, but this one’s a little different. Instead of a nameplate, she goes with layered pendant necklaces that features the initials of her children’s names. And like any good fashionista, she’s got a few similar styles that she changes as she sees fit, though the theme remains the same, showcasing the love of her kids. We found a lookalike for $37. (Photo via Jason Merritt/ Getty)

Websites such as Etsy, Pottery Barn Kids, Ebay, Amazon and various others boast budget-friendly versions of these necklaces and more. To find the perfect jewelry to celebrate your child/children, clear your schedule now so you have time to thoroughly and carefully peruse each site.

Are you a mom who loves to keep her child close to her heart with jewelry? Share your favorite designer or piece of jewelry in our comments!

(Feature photo via Theo Wargo/Getty)