Back in the day, wearing white after Labor Day was considered a major fashion faux pas 鈥 something you simply didn鈥檛 do. Well, that rule is dead. Maybe it鈥檚 because we want to hold on to summer a wee bit longer (hello, white shorts!) or perhaps it鈥檚 simply because white is classic and SHOULD be worn year round. Whatever the reason, we鈥檙e sharing our favorite 20 ways to rock white way beyond September.

1. White With a Pop of Color: Wearing white doesn鈥檛 have to be boring and predictable. Go the sophisticated route by opting for a white blouse and some eye-catching neon accessories. Now, if only we could get our hands on that checkered skirt鈥 (via A Little Dash of Darling)

2. A Case of the Blues: Move over autumnal hues, cool shades of blue in the form of a lightweight sweater and overcoat are everything. We鈥檙e swooning! (via Viva Luxury)

3. Cool Girl: Suede booties and a denim jacket will add an unlimited amount of panache to your white pants this season. Game on! (via Sincerely Jules)

4. Edgy With Plaid: Just like everyone else, we鈥檙e mad for plaid. Speaking of which, we鈥檙e kind of loving how edgy these buffalo check pants look with a white blouse and leather jacket. (via We Wore What)

5. Striped Perfection: To get yourself weekend-ready, look no further than a striped blazer, graphic tee and white pants. Put-together, yet still totally effortless 鈥 just the way we like it. (via Bows & Sequins)

6. Sporty Chic: Sporty and minimalist has never looked so good. Take note: A baseball cap and fitted blazer will do wonders for the cool gal-on-the-go. (via Emerson Fry)

7. White Blazer: A white blazer and chambray are practically a match made in heaven. Seriously, does it get much more streamlined than this look? (via Could I Have That?)

8. Basic White Tee: Allow your oh-so-conventional white tee to serve as the foundation of every summer-to-fall ensemble from here on out. (via Peace Love Shea)

9. A Touch of Leopard Print: This off-duty model pulls off white (and leopard print) so exquisitely that we鈥檙e more than happy to follow suit. (via Models)

10. Fall Neutrals: Pair a chunky turtleneck sweater in a nice neutral hue with white pants and no one will question what season you鈥檙e in. (via Kendi Everyday)

11. Head-to-Toe White: While wearing head-to-toe white may appear daunting at first, it鈥檚 a fashion risk definitely worth taking. Our advice is to mix textures, and don鈥檛 be afraid to add in variations of classic white. (via Song of Style)

12. The LWD: If the arrival of fall means we can sport a little white dress with black tights and a leather jacket, then count us in. (via Kendi Everyday)

13. Off-White: Still not sure where you side in the whole 鈥渘o white after Labor Day鈥 debate? That鈥檚 where cream and off-white come in. (via Atlantic Pacific)

14. White Graphic Tee: When in doubt, DO let your t-shirt of the day speak for itself. (via Kendi Everyday)

15. Shorts + Cardigan: Not so fast. Before you officially stow away the cutoffs, put your stellar layering skills to work and throw on a cardigan. (via Brooklyn Blonde)

16. Cozy Layers: A camel cashmere sweater, white trousers and houndstooth scarf will have you layered to perfection in late September and beyond. (via A Love is Blind)

17. From Summer to Fall: A little edgy, a lot chic, here鈥檚 proof that a white skirt will serve as the quintessential layering piece come fall. (via 5 Inch and Up)

18. Business Professional: Be it a class presentation or boardroom meeting, nothing looks more on-point than a white blazer. The printed trousers don鈥檛 hurt either. (via The Classy Cubicle)

19. The Prep Way: Grab your BF鈥檚 slightly oversized cricket jumper and cuff your jeans for a look that is undeniably effortless and 鈥 dare we say it 鈥 borrowed from the boys. (via Atlantic Pacific)

20. Sweatshirt to Go: Who knew that a gray sweatshirt and white skirt could look this good? We think we鈥檝e just found our go-to uniform for fall. (via M Loves M)

How will you be incorporating white into your late summer, early fall attire? Leave a comment below or tweet us a picture of your #ootd.