Need a new pendant or statement necklace for New Year’s Eve, or any other eve for that matter? Grab some gold bobby pins, nail polish, an old necklace chain, and get to work!

 – necklace chain

– gold + copper bobby pins

– nail polish (black + teal)

How awesome are these gold bobby pins? You can find them at most drugstores or on good old Amazon.

For our pendants, we painted our pins in groups of three to create a pattern. Place them all on one bobby pin to paint. Let dry.

Now it’s time to put them on a chain! Create whatever pattern you like with your painted pins, and simply pin them on the chain like you’d put them in your hair.

The instant bonus? You can always take one off your necklace to use in your hair if you run into any ‘do disasters!

What everyday accessories have you repurposed? Share ideas and projects with us in the comments below.