3D printing has rapidly been growing and becoming more accessible to any ol’ average or curious user of the machines. The latest step in the three-dimensional production world is the introduction of an affordable and easy-to-use machine called Bocusini. This device could turn any novice chef into a pro without turning on any burners or boiling any water. The future of 3D printed food in the home is definitely near. And looking tasty.


Bocusini is a plug-and-play 3D food printing system that recently launched on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its goal of $33,000. The entry-level 3D printer, coming in at an affordable (for these machines, or really anything that’s in your kitchen) $900, is hoping to change the way food is prepared in commercial and home kitchens when it ships in early 2016. What’s crazy cool about Bocusini is that amateur and pro chefs will be able to produce confections, baked goods, meat dishes, dairy plates and veggie bites with just a few clicks. After inserting a pre-filled food cartridge — consisting of sugar, marzipan or chocolate, for example — the only other step before that plate is filled with food is creating a design on a tablet or smartphone then sending it to the machine via WiFi. Before you know it, you’ll be indulging in some futuristic chocolate and steak.


No word yet on how long these foodie creations take to print, but Bocusini did spill some bonus secrets for the curious. In addition to the actual machine, there will also be a hacker kit for 3D printing pros to turn any of their other printers into a food maker. That’s one hackathon we wouldn’t mind joining in on.


We’ll see you at the 3D-printed table with our innovative plate presentations next year.

Will you be adding the Bocusini to your kitchen counter? Let us know in the comments.