Alright, we’re calling it now: 2016 is going to be the year the traditional pin-up calendar finally gets a modern makeover. First, the iconically sexy Pirelli calendar came unexpectedly packed not with 12 months of topless ladies, but rather stunning shots of girl bosses like Amy Schumer and Serena Williams. And now, piggybacking on that girl power train, comes a fully illustrated calendar featuring gorgeous illustrations of curvy ladies.

The must-have 2016 goodie is the creation of Bay Area-based illustrator Jen Oaks. She tells Cosmopolitan that the idea formed simply because she realized this was something she hadn’t seen before. So, she decided to pull a total boss b*tch move and make it herself. All of the illustrations in the calendar feature a very distinctive ’70s vibe with a sexy secretary, a roller skater and an ultra-glamourous beach babe.

Oaks says that Cher, Pam Grier and Jane Fonda were her influences. She also writes, “My inspiration came from a fixation with ’70s Playboy, Russ Meyer films and the urge to illustrate some vintage clothing to make pinup characters sort of from the era.”

Not surprisingly the calendar (titled “Minx”) is currently on back order on Etsy. So, while we’re sad to be the ones to break the news that you can’t add this to your Christmas list, you COULD definitely score it before the new year starts.

Jen, if you’re listening, the gals here at Brit + Co would NOT be bummed if you decided adult coloring books (like this one) were in your future…

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(Photos via @jenoaksillustration)