For you DSLR photographers out there, y’all know lenses can be the most expensive necessities of the photography world. A new company from Philly, Bokeh Fire, is hoping to become the Netflix of camera lenses, creating an affordable way for both pro and amateur photographers to try out new Canon and Nikon lenses and swap any time they want. Similar services exist on a local level in many cities, but a hub like this could provide a greater variety and easier access to many more shutterbugs out there.


Bokeh Fire’s founders were inspired when they got sick of saving their pennies to buy new lenses, which can cost thousands of dollars. (There are about 85 lenses each between Canon and Nikon — how could you possibly use them all at once anyway?). They figured there had to be a better way, so they developed a rental system similar to Netflix where a monthly subscription would give a photographer the ability to work with otherwise out-of-reach lenses. Their system involves two levels of membership. The Basic membership is $125 and the Pro membership is $225, which gives you access to additional high-end lenses. With both memberships, you receive a new lens, use it for up to a month and then send it back for a new one when you’re done.


Bokeh Fire just wrapped up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to expand their library of lenses and get their service off the ground. It was successfully funded, so expect the world to be filled with even more incredible photography than it already is.

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