With cameras getting cheaper and smartphones getting smarter, you don’t need a dark room these days to take an amazing picture. So whether you know a professional photographer or an amateur paparazzo, we’re sure there’s someone on your list this year who would love one of these gifts. From analog to digital to mobile, there’s something for every price range.

1. Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera ($179): Polaroid is totally having a moment right now thanks to Taylor Swift, but it’s always made a classic present for photographers. This model is actually a digital camera that takes photos and videos and then prints out your faves onto sticker sheets.

2. Polaroid PIC-300P Instant Film Analog Camera ($70): If you’re looking for a true Polaroid camera that’s been updated but not digitized, this one comes highly rated on Amazon. #nofilter

3. Impossible PX600 Color Shade Instant Film ($28): It felt like the end of an era when Polaroid announced that they were discontinuing their famous instant film a few years ago… but others have picked up where they left off, making them more vivid than ever before.

4. Floral Photo Clip String Set ($12): What to do with all those snapshots? These colorful clothespins would make a great display across the mantel.

5. Fujifilm Instax Printer ($220): This gift idea goes out those impatient photographers who want their photos in less than a minute.

6. Lomo Smartphone Film Scanner ($60): Another idea combining old and new camerawork is to digitally upload old 35mm film strips to your phone. Nothing beats the real thing, but it never hurts to have a backup copy, and it makes for the ultimate #tbt.

7. The Pocket Spotlight ($30): We gotta admit, smartphone cameras are pretty amazing, not to mention crazy convenient. But since they have their limitations, an add-on spotlight will vastly improve your nighttime shots.

8. Projecteo Slide Projector ($50): This is the ultimate toy for Instagram fanatics. You can create your own custom slide wheel of nine Instagram photos, then display them on this itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny projector. Isn’t this perfect for sharing photos with grandparents who don’t have a smartphone?

9. Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone 6 Lens ($80): Know someone who upgraded to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus this year? Give ‘em another upgrade by adding these popular fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x and macro 15x lenses.

10. Got It! Remote ($22): Up your friend’s #OOTD game and get him/her out of the bathroom mirror with a remote-controlled clicker and stand for phones and tablets.

11. Pour and Shoot Mug ($15): Anyone who has ever spent hours upon hours of editing a photo shoot will appreciate this mug – especially if you pair it with some coffee grounds.

12. Moleskine Photo Book ($45): The makers of everyone’s favorite journal also create photo books, featuring the famous rounded corners, elastic strap and binding that ensures the book opens flat on every page.

13. DIY Konstructor Camera ($35): It says it’s good for ages 12 and up, and while we’re sure budding photographers will love learning to DIY their own camera, um… can we have one too?

14. Diana F+ Camera ($110): Usually the photographer is the one behind the lens, but we’re more tempted to take retro selfies with this beautiful honeycomb Diana camera.

15. SLRing ($9): Stocking stuffer for a fashion photographer? Check.

16. What Are You Waiting Photo Necklace ($13): Secret Santa present too? Double check.

17. XShot 2.0 Camera Extender ($20): Some people have a knack for the selfie, and others (yours truly) just… do not. Sure, it might be a super geeky accessory, but rather than relying on a passing stranger to take a decent portrait, do it yourself with this camera extender. We won’t tell anyone you used it!

18. Photo FX Kit ($25): Inject some pigment into someone’s Flickr feed with this kit, which includes color flour, a glass prism, a set of four LEDs and a rainbow peephole.

19. Solar Photography Kit ($15): No access to a darkroom? Try taking your images into the light instead. Photosensitive paper lets you turn just about anything into a work of bright blue art, like photo negatives, x-rays and everyday objects.

20. Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips ($8): Even if you don’t know much about photography yourself, you can still drop some knowledge on a shutterbug.

21. Seaside Fotostrap ($85): Your friend isn’t still using that clunky starter kit camera strap, is she? Save her neck with one these leather and canvas beauties.

22. Bloom Theory Scarf Strap ($59): This is a terrific gift for either a tourist who wants to blend in with the crowd OR a fashionista who needs a coordinated outfit.

23. Artemis Leather Camera Case ($98): If she’s not the DSLR-toting kind of gal, a leather purse like this is ideal for fitting a digital camera.

24. Cheese! Camera Bag ($40): From the pages of a comic book to the real world, this bag will have everyone doing double takes.

25. Poler Camera Cooler ($39): You’re basically giving two gifts in one here. When it’s not acting as a camera bag (for a DSLR, accessories and tablets), it can be used as a cooler (pack it with seasonal beers for an extra present).

26. Camera Wrist Strap ($40): Anyone who loves candid snaps on a night out needs one of these to stay at the ready.

27. Underwater Camera ($20): Let them leave the expensive DSLR at home and take this little guy for trips like fishing, sailing, swimming and even snorkeling (it can be submerged up to 10 feet).

28. Photoshop Fridge Magnets ($25): Your graphic designer friend who just can’t leave work at the office will love this set of magnets.

29. ONA Chelsea Camera Bag ($369): Joke gifts and stocking stuffers aside, this is a practical present that any photographer will adore. It’s a stunning saffiano leather bowler bag on the outside and a spacious camera bag on the inside, with compartments for a camera, up to three lenses, personal items and a tablet.

30. ONA Brixton Camera Bag ($279): ONA makes some very handsome men’s bags as well, like this water-resistant waxed canvas and leather messenger case. Roomy enough for a camera, two or three lenses and up to a 13” laptop, it also has weather flaps to protect the gear.

Which cameras and accessories are you planning to gift this holiday season? Give us a snapshot in the comments!